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Knowing Relevant and Critical Legal Terms in Personal Injury Case is More than Helpful

Many of us do not really think about what goes on in court as we go about our daily lives. However, when we are affected by medical malpractice or suffer a personal injury and file for compensation, it becomes imperative to understand some basic legal terms. When you sustain a personal injury or are adversely …

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Asking for a Sidebar in Court―What Private Conversations between the Judge and Attorneys actually Mean

Many a times during trial, the opposition may take objection to the prosecuting attorney’s line of questioning or presentation. The judge has only a few minutes to decide whether or not he wants to allow the objection or overrule it. Now, before the Judge gives his decision, the defense lawyer can ask to have a …

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Serving a Summons and a Complaint in an Accident Case

If you are injured in an accident and you feel a particular person is responsible for causing the accident and your resultant injuries, then you can initiate a lawsuit to claim damages. In New York when you are initiating a lawsuit against somebody, your attorney will have to prepare certain documents called a summons and …

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An Accident Case cannot be Filed Based on Speculation

Many accident lawyers frequently receive clients who want to file a lawsuit because they feel they could have died in the accident. However, the fact is that they did not die, and when this fact is pointed out to them, they become indignant. They usually argue, “But I could have died” or “I almost died”. …

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Is a Settlement Possible after the Liability Verdict is Given

In New York, a car accident case is tried in two parts. The first part of the case will be to find out who is legally responsible for causing the automobile accident. When you obtain a verdict in your favor for the first part, it means the party you have sued is indeed responsible for …

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What is the Preponderance of Evidence?

In lawsuits, civil cases or administrative hearings, it is important for a part to prove its position or claim by preponderance. Preponderance is actually defined as superiority in force, weight, and importance. Preponderance of evidence in legal terms means that a party has shown that its version of causes, facts, fault, or damages are most …

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The Importance of a Notice of Claim in a Municipal Lawsuit in New York

“When you are suing a municipality in New York State for personal injury, you have to fill out and submit a notice of claim. This piece of paper puts the municipality on notice, informing them that you intend to file a lawsuit against them. This notice enables the municipality to carry out a small investigation …

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Jury Selection in a Personal Injury Case

Jury selection is an important process for any case, and a civil trial attorney will have to be vigilant about the prejudices of any jurors during the selection process, especially when a possible juror declares that a victim does not deserve any compensation. The trial attorney will have to remove such jurors from jury selection. …

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Understand When Leading Questions are Permitted and When they are Not

If you have suffered an adverse reaction as a result of medical malpractice or sustained a personal injury in New York, you are entitled to claim compensation. However, this is not a simple procedure because the doctor who committed the error, the person responsible for the personal injury, or their insurance company is likely to …

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