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Surgeries involve risk

Surgeries involve risk

Surgeons need to be very sharp, agile, and proactive while performing surgeries. Surgeries involve sharp tools, laser, and even robotic arms for precision and simplification of the processes.

The human body is a complex structure that comprises of skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nervous system, circulatory system, and more. Even though medical technology has advanced, every procedure carries with it an amount of unknown risk that could lead to organ puncture and internal bleeding. Puncture of the bowels or intestines could push the body waste inside and cause infection. The surgeon needs to act immediately to control & repair the damage.

This may be necessitated to save the life of the patient. Additional surgeries may be required to correct the basic problem for which the surgery was initiated and also to correct surgical complications caused by negligence. Most of these errors may go unnoticed till the patient detects abnormalities in the body function, side effects or sometimes, serious changes in the body biochemistry.

Negligence could lead to death

Surgeons usually take adequate care while handling surgeries involving the nervous system. Yet, the nervous system is so complicated that even the slightest negligence could lead to serious health impediments such as chronic pain, numbness, fibromyalgia, paralysis, stroke, and sometimes death.

Laparoscopic procedures need to be carried out under the strict supervision of medical experts. These equipment have cameras fitted that aid in surgical procedures. If the procedure is not handled with care, it could lead to perforations inside the body. Many important surgeries are carried out through this procedure hysterectomy, orthopedic interventions, appendectomy, and more.

Organ perforation or puncture of an internal organ such as the bladder or the bowel could lead to serious health complications. Not only surgeons commit mistakes, other professionals as well. Operating room assistants, nurses, post-operative care doctors of the hospital make mistakes that seriously complicate health conditions of a patient.

Investigation and fixing negligence

After a wrongful surgery, there could be denial or abjuration on part of the hospital and / or the surgeon. The hospital could quote the patient’s consent form for surgery and could deny or denounce negligence. The consent form highlights the innate risks present in the surgical processes but does not give the surgeon a permit to negligently harm a patient.

Our organ perforation injury attorneys engage a team of experts in medicine to investigate the actual cause and acts of negligence during surgeries. If there is an underlying cause of negligence we will prepare a case for you that will claim the right amount of compensation for all the damages, injuries, additional medical expenses, income loss, pain & trauma.

If you or your loved one has sustained an organ puncture or perforation of an internal organ you are entitled to file a lawsuit against the negligent doctor and/or hospital. Call the attorneys to know your legal options.

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