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Our medical malpractice attorney can help you gather evidence even if doctors practice “conspiracy of silence”

Our medical malpractice attorney can help you gather evidence even if doctors practice “conspiracy of silence”

Expert testimonies are critical pieces of evidence to prove or disprove claims in any medical malpractice case. These expert testimonies usually come from doctors and other medical professionals like nurses and therapists who are unanimously regarded as credible witnesses by dint of their education, training, and experience. Their testimonies provide hitherto-undiscovered insights into a case to enable the judge and the jury make informed and fair decisions.

However, medical professionals and especially, doctors are usually not keen to testify against another medical professional. They choose to practice the “conspiracy of silence.” Medical malpractice attorneys have to use their skills, connections, and persuasive powers to get around the “conspiracy of silence” to gather relevant and credible evidence that improve the chances of the plaintiff receiving the compensation he deserves.

We know how to gather expert testimony despite the prevailing “conspiracy of silence”

The law firm of RMFW Law in New York has been in practice for over three generations. It has qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorneys on board who can find a way around situations when doctors choose to keep mum, to gather expert medical evidence that increases the chances of a favorable outcome in the case.

According to the findings of a study undertaken by the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, close to 50% of all doctors who took part in the survey choose to stay silent and not report a case of serious medical malpractice-errors, incompetence, or negligence-to the powers that be.

Cardiologists and surgeons are more likely to cover up the fault or negligence of their co-workers. This number is frightening considering that more than 98,000 people die every year from medical malpractices in hospitals and nursing homes, according to a report by the US Institute of Medicine.

So why do doctors choose to take part in the conspiracy of silence?

Many doctors do not want to testify against another doctor to avoid straining relationships or to prevent referrals from drying up. Many other doctors do not want to testify against someone with whom they have studied in the medical school or have taken part in workshops. Doctors often brainstorm with other doctors in different medical establishments. In such occasions too, testifying against them would probably put an end to these brainstorming sessions that are valuable opportunities to gain insights and learn about the latest developments in the field of Medicine.

Doctors may have their own reasons for taking part in the conspiracy of silence. But at the receiving end is the plaintiff-the victim of a medical malpractice case who has suffered physical mental, and financial damages and is likely to bear the scars of the incident for many days down the line. It is onus of a medical malpractice attorney to gather reliable expert testimonies despite this obstacle to improve the chances of his clients receiving the compensation they deserve.

The Total Package

Expert attorneys have their own ways of gleaning expert testimonies-utilizing their connections amongst those in the scientific community, gathering irrefutable pieces of evidence that compel doctors to speak out to save face or not draw any flak, and persuading relenting doctors to testify.

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