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Proving Negligence During an Emergency

Emergency medical situations are chaotic, and you know that even if you have never watched any episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy (though you may have fallen asleep watching the latter show). The medical personnel-doctors and nurses-have to race against time to treat a patient. They don’t have the luxury of time to order a full suite of diagnostic tests to determine the nature of the patient’s problem, so they have to rely on their hunches sometimes.

What Damages can I Claim in a Medical Malpractice Case?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, you know how life turns upside down after the incident. The repercussions are wide-ranging. Your health is affected adversely. The quality of your life decreases. You are emotionally upset. Even your work life can suffer.

Will a Juror who has Suffered the same Injuries as the Victim be Automatically Disqualified

You have suffered a significant fracture of the femur in an accident, which is the biggest bone in the body, and you have filed a personal injury case to claim compensation. Your case has come all the way to trial, and now during jury selection, one of the jurors tells your lawyer that he has suffered the same type of fracture, but his injuries were not permanent.

Can An Expert Witness Charge Exorbitant Fees?

Here is a scenario for a medical malpractice case: the victim claims his orthopedist violated the basic standards of medical care, which resulted in significant injuries for him. During the course of litigation, the defense refused to negotiate, which meant the victim had to seek a trial to determine the truth.

Can an Insurance Company Override the Doctor for a Settlement

The defense attorney thinks that the plaintiff has a wonderful medical malpractice case. However, he is unable to convince the doctor to start negotiations even when it is completely logical to do so. Can the insurance company override the doctor’s refusal to begin to negotiate?

Can an Entire Testimony of a Witness be Read out Again

It is the end of your medical malpractice trial and the jury is now deliberating or deciding who could be more likely right than wrong. However, while deliberating, they send a note to the judge, requesting the testimony of a particular witness be read back in its entirety. Will the judge allow that expert witness’s testimony to be read back from start to finish?

Reasons Why You Might not want to Sue Your Doctor (Part 1)

Many people are reluctant to file a medical malpractice case, even when they feel their injuries are caused by the negligence or carelessness of their doctor(s). Here are some of the main reasons why you might not feel like suing your doctor.