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Types of Damages Awarded in New York Medical Malpractice Cases

Each US state has designed its own laws relating to medical malpractice; thus, it is important to understand New York State’s medical malpractice laws so you know more about this process that you may already be involved in or are contemplating in this vital northeastern state.

Seeking Compensation for a Failed Diagnosis

The human body is complex and medicine does not have all the answers yet. Diseases can throw up confusing symptoms and a myriad of tests have to be carried out before your doctor makes an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Sometimes the test results prove to be inconclusive and your doctor may be compelled to treat you on the basis of your symptoms.

Should a Lawyer Give a One Hour Opening Argument

In your medical malpractice trial in New York, where there are many details and facts that the jury needs to know and consider, should your lawyer give a two-hour opening argument at the beginning of the trial?