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Citi-Bike Share Accident Claims in New York City

Driving a car on the congested streets of New York is often a frustrating experience due to the heavy traffic and expensive parking. Add to this the rising gas prices and it is not surprising that many commuters now choose to commute by bikes that are cheaper and far more convenient to use. Unfortunately, bike accidents are all too common on the busy streets of NYC. Injuries in such accidents can be far more severe than a car accident because a bike does not offer you any type of protective features.

FAQs on Bicycle Accidents in New York City

Apart from being a fun hobby and a great exercise, riding is also a medium of daily commute for many New York bicyclists. There will surely be many bicycle aficionados on the New York City streets with the onset of summer, as more bicycle enthusiasts head outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, more bicycle riders on the road mean more accidents involving cyclists, resulting in more injuries.