Improper Use of Forceps

Improper Use of Forceps Lawyer in New York City

Forceps are medical instruments used to facilitate the delivery of a child. Forceps resemble tongs and are placed on the child’s head in an attempt to remove the child from the birth canal. Due to the risks involved in a forceps delivery, forceps are used sparingly in labor and delivery today. The use of forceps exposes the child to a number of risks. Babies born via forceps can suffer skull fractures, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and other severe injuries. In many deliveries aided by forceps, the child and mother would have been better off if the doctor had performed a C-section.

If you believe that your child was injured in birth due to the misapplication of forceps, an experienced malpractice lawyer can help you get answers to your questions. A lawyer can also help your child get the money he or she will need for a lifetime of care.

The New York City law firm of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP assists parents and children irreparably injured by medical malpractice. When we accept a malpractice claim, we do so with the intention of helping our client receive maximum compensation. Our forceps delivery birth injury attorneys in New York City work with knowledgeable experts who can examine what specifically occurred and determine whether your obstetrician or others in the birthing process breached their duty to care for your child.

In cases involving birth injuries, it is also important to work with economists, life care planners and others who can show the costs of this negligence, projected over your child’s expected lifespan. Our thorough, aggressive approach helps our clients receive the care they need to flourish to the fullest possible extent.

If your child suffered a serious injury in a forceps delivery due to a doctor’s negligence, we want to help your child get the monetary compensation he or she needs. Call (800) 660-2264 or e-mail us to schedule your free, confidential case evaluation.