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Train Accident Lawyer in NYC

Many people see trains as one of the most reliable forms of transportation. Unfortunately, trains can have a host of safety issues that expose their passengers to potential injuries. Injuries caused by trains can result in serious wounds and even death. If you’ve experienced a train accident, you may be dealing with the cost of your medical expenses, missed time from work, and emotional distress. 

To ensure you have the best chance of recovering damages, speak to a train accident attorney. They can ensure that the railway company takes your settlement demands seriously. For more information, contact Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP for a free consultation today.

Steps to Take if Injured In an NYC Train Accident 

Almost 6 million people use the subway every day. This creates many opportunities for someone to get hurt. If you’ve experienced a train or subway accident in New York City, you should take the following steps:

Dial 911

Call 911 and seek an official or a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Tell this person the specifics of the accident. They will take action and follow additional safety protocols. Paramedics and the police may arrive at the scene. The police will write down what happened and keep the report as an official record.

Train Accident off track

Take Photographs

If you can, take photos of the scene. Your New York City train accident attorney can use them when they file a claim. Try to find problems such as wet floors, damaged equipment, blocked paths, or inadequate warning signs in dangerous places that may have contributed to the accident. Include this evidence in your pictures.

Get Contact Information

Obtain the MTA employee’s name and contact information. If there were any eyewitnesses, write down their contact information, too. Train accident attorneys may reach out to witnesses to get testimonies as supportive evidence.

See a Doctor

It’s crucial to have your injuries evaluated and documented by a medical specialist. Your train or subway accident can be the cause of serious injuries that need immediate attention. This will prevent them from getting worse. Medical bills are also used as proof in train accident cases.

Speak to Your Attorney

Before you file a train accident lawsuit, speak to subway accident attorneys. Our law firm can guide you through your experience with a train crash. We are educated in managing New York train accident personal injury claims and fight to ensure you are properly represented.

What Causes New York City Train Accidents?

Train accidents are caused by a variety of circumstances, including bad judgment, eyesight problems, and slow reactions. Here are just some reasons you might experience a train accident.


Different groups could be accountable for negligence-related railroad accidents. Some may be the fault of the train operator, while others may be the result of negligence on the part of a railroad company or maintenance engineer. Some mishaps are caused by the carelessness of a government agency. 

Forms of negligence include human error. For example, the operator can fail to turn on the signal light or improperly operate a crossing arm. This behavior can result in a train collision. Train conductors can also suffer from fatigue, which can increase their chance of making a mistake. The conductor may also forget to sound an alarm to let pedestrians and drivers know they are arriving.

Mechanical Failure

The decades-old, antiquated technology that is still widely used on railroads and trains today is a major contributor to this issue. To increase railway safety, technology has to be frequently updated. It requires a significant investment, so the adoption of these features is often delayed. Malfunctioning signals sometimes cause train collisions with cars. 

Another way that a New York train accident can occur is because of faulty train crossings, which happen when the railroad gate doesn’t work properly.


If the conductor is untrained, train mishaps can happen. Even long-time train employees are capable of making a mistake. Fatigue is another issue that both novice and seasoned train operators face more and more. They are under pressure from their managers and the corporation to operate the train even if they are too tired to do it safely.


Recent train accidents have demonstrated that speeding increases the likelihood of derailment and worsens the consequences in the event of an NYC train accident. When a train is moving too quickly, it can cause fatalities and catastrophic injuries.


A train derails when it leaves the track due to a crash with another object, conductor errors, mechanical track failures, broken rails, or faulty wheels. A derailment can be disastrous if it happens when the train is moving too fast.

Stalled Cars

It is rare for cars to stall at railroad train crossings. However, this can result in a horrific train crash. Many factors can result in a car stalling on the tracks. 

Defective Tracks

Train tracks can experience obstruction, which may result in train derailing. Foreign objects that were accidentally dropped on the tracks can cause complications as trains pass. To handle a dangerous situation, conductors should always be aware of their surroundings. Occasionally a conductor is either unable to see these obstructions in time to prevent a collision.

Reckless Pedestrians and Car Drivers

When pedestrians cross the tracks at the wrong time, this can cause a bad train crash. Drivers who don’t pay attention to their surroundings or are trying to race the train also cause many train accidents.

What Damages Can I Recover After an NYC Train Accident? 

Some train accidents cause mild injuries, while others can cause severe injury and death. After you experience a New York train accident, you can pursue the following damages in your personal injury case.

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Medical Bills

After your New York train accident, you may be suffering from injuries. Personal injury victims often undergo lab tests, imaging scans, and physical examinations. You may need medical devices like casts, braces, and neck braces if you suffered from broken bones. Surgery, physical therapy, and chiropractic therapy may also be required. 

Because medical bills are so expensive, they become a burden for personal injury victims. Your train accident lawyer can prove your medical expenses and include them in your settlement.

Lost Income

You can recover lost wages as one component of your compensatory damages. The money you would have made at work from the time of the accident to the date of the verdict is referred to as lost earnings. Your injuries must prevent you from going to work. You can also claim future lost earnings.

Wrongful Death 

Speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case if you or a loved one was killed in a train accident. Their injuries may have been caused by several different parties, and you may be entitled to financial assistance for things like lost wages and medical costs. 

Other wrongful death damages include funeral and burial costs, loss of consortium, loss of earning capacity, and other damages. Your attorney can explain what you are eligible for depending on your unique circumstances.

Who Is Accountable for an NYC Railroad Accident? 

The Transit Authority is in charge of upkeep and supervision of the train lines in New York. They could be held responsible for any train accident in the city. Additionally, more than one party may share the blame. This is why it’s crucial to seek early legal advice from a committed personal injury attorney. 

Even if you assume the Transit Authority is the only party at fault, other parties may share some of the blame. Reckless car drivers, negligent passengers, construction companies, manufacturers, companies responsible for maintaining the tracks, local municipalities, and other parties may be the cause of your train accident injuries. 

Why Do You Need a New York City Train Accident Attorney?

A New York City train accident lawyer can defend your rights. Our legal experts have a successful track record of obtaining monetary damages for our clients. Railroad safety is governed by a complicated web of federal and state rules. Investigative teams from several governmental bodies might visit the crash site. To sort through these intricate rules and investigations, you’ll want a well-educated and dependable attorney.

Train accident victims may suffer significant trauma or injuries. You may require expensive medical care or time away from work. An experienced train accident attorney can assist you in establishing fault in an incident. Your train accident lawyer will work hard to pursue reimbursement on your behalf. 

Work with a Dedicated Train Accident Lawyer In New York City

When subway train accidents occur due to train derailments, malfunctioning train tracks, and other issues, train companies need to be held liable. Your New York City attorney understands what proof is required to hold train companies accountable. They will uncover how negligence caused the accident. 

Because the mass transit system is complicated, railroad companies may take advantage of your lack of experience dealing with personal injury settlements. Your attorney can help you recover compensation. Contact Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP now to learn more.