Speeding Injuries

Speeding Injuries Lawyer in New York City

Speeding accidents tend to cause more severe injuries than other types of accidents. This is because the high speed creates a forceful impact. Learn more about speeding injuries in NYC and how an attorney can help you recover compensation. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can take on your case.

Common Speeding Injuries in NYC

On an annual basis, speeding causes about 1,000 fatalities. Even when the drivers and passengers survive, they could have serious injuries. All of the following are common injuries experienced by victims in speeding accidents.


Some of the most common injuries in speeding accidents are lacerations. If glass breaks during the accident, it can cut you and cause a deep laceration. A laceration can also occur if you hit another object, like a steering wheel or dashboard.

When a laceration occurs near a nerve, serious complications can arise. You may need surgery to recover the full feeling or function of your affected area. In other cases, stitches may be required. This can be devastating if the injury is in a visible place. For instance, a laceration on your head could leave a permanent scar.


This type of injury occurs when your neck or head moves quicker than your body. Because speeding accidents involve movement at such a high speed, whiplash is associated with speeding accidents.

In some cases, whiplash can have a long-term impact on the victim. You might have chronic neck pain, which can prevent you from working or enjoying hobbies.


Speeding accidents on the highway are particularly devastating and can result in a brain injury. If the victim hits their head on the steering wheel or window, they could suffer trauma to the brain. This could result in memory loss, cognitive challenges, and other issues.

Brain injuries can be life-altering. If a loved one has a traumatic brain injury, they may never fully recover. They could require a lifetime of care.


Another one of the more common speeding injuries in New York is a fracture or break. At the point of impact, one or more bones could be hit or crushed. This can cause a fracture or break.

For most fractures and breaks, there is a lengthy recovery period. You may be unable to use your injured body part for several months. In addition to being painful, the injury can limit you from working.

The Expense of Speeding Injuries

Any car accident can be expensive. However, car accidents in NYC that involve speeding are particularly costly. This is due to the fact that injuries tend to be serious.

If you need an ambulance, your medical bills can be very high. The ambulance and emergency room visit can cost thousands of dollars. If you need to remain in the hospital overnight, your bill will be even higher.

Even if you require no urgent medical care, you will still have medical bills. All of your doctor visits and medications can start to accumulate. If you need any therapy for your injuries, the cost will increase. In most cases, injuries from speeding accidents require frequent medical care.

Another expense comes in the form of your paycheck. If you’re like most New York City residents, you rely on your paycheck to pay your bills. But your injury could put your paycheck in jeopardy. A serious injury could prevent you from working. Once you are able to work, you might need to take time off to go to your doctor appointments.

Finally, there’s the non-economic toll of your accident. Although your pain and suffering doesn’t directly impact your finances, it indirectly affects it. For instance, you could suffer anxiety after your accident. This might make it difficult to perform your job well. It could also interfere with your life at home.


The financial burden of your car accident might not be your burden. By working with a speeding injury lawyer in NYC, you can seek compensation for your injuries and more. The money you receive could pay for the medical treatment you need to make a successful recovery. Furthermore, it could help you and your family cope with the burden of your injuries.

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