Over $1 Billion Won

$837,500 – Delay in Brain Surgery

A 74-year-old male went to a local Staten Island Hospital after he fell at home while moving a refrigerator banging the front right side of his head. He presented to the Emergency Room with complaints of a headache. At that time he was alert and neurologically intact. He was admitted to the hospital. A CT scan without contrast showed that he suffered from an acute subdural hemorrhage. Another CT scan showed an expansion of the bleed but. the neurosurgeon failed to act and told the patient to follow-up in 3 weeks’ time for a repeat CT scan. It claimed that the neurosurgeon failed to timely evacuate the brain bleed allowing the bleed to expand that resulted in permanent neurological deficits and bedsores to the lower back.

It is claimed that the patient should be given an emergent craniotomy to evacuate the bleed.  Instead, the patient’s neurological status started to change resulting in extreme lethargy and hemiparesis A craniotomy was eventually done by the neurosurgeon but. The delay caused seizures and subsequent bedsores.