Over $1 Billion Won

Million – Malpractice Settlement Delay in Delivery

A baby born at a local hospital on Staten Island suffered neurological damage.

The settlement also provided the child with free medical coverage for life.

The mom, while pregnant went to the local hospital for a biophysical profile. The resident who conducted the exam alleged that she told the attending doctor of troubling findings on the fetal heart strips. The attending told the resident to wrongfully discharge the patient. The attending denied that he was told of non-reassuring findings. He claimed that he was told that the strips were all good. When the mom went back to the hospital in active labor. The strips showed category 3  fetal heart tracings indicative of hypoxic risk to the fetus. Despite these findings at admission to the labor and delivery department, the baby boy was delivered by a delayed C-section. It was claimed that prolonged fetal distress caused motor and language delay, all of which are permanent conditions.


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