Over $1 Billion Won

$1.4 Million dollar settlement in Action Over Explosion

A $1.4 million settlement was reached yesterday during trial in Bronx Supreme Court of the personal injury action brought by a painter who suffered severe burns when electric transmitters exploded while he was working at the Manhattan State Hospital on Wards Island. The suit by Davor Gobin, now 33, against his employer, D.A.L. Associates, alleged that coverings had been placed on the transmitters interfering with ventilation and touching off the explosion, causing him to receive first, second and third degree burns over 60% of his body. Justice Ira Gammerman was presiding at the trial. The plaintiff was represented by Roseberg, Minc & Armstrong; the defendant by Ernest F.W. Wildermuth Jr., of Montfort, Healy, Maguire and Salley, Mineola, Long Island.