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Why the Judge will Instruct the Jury not to Discuss the Case amongst Themselves

The judge gives this particular instruction because the jury has not yet heard all the information regarding the case, they have not yet heard all the testimonies, they have not yet heard all the legal arguments, and most importantly the jury has not yet been informed about the legal instructions that the judge gives them …

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Can a Judge Refuse to Reconsider his Ruling

If your lawyer does not like the judge’s ruling, can he ask the judge to reconsider his ruling? Yes, you lawyer can ask the judge to reconsider. However, what is the likelihood of the judge reversing his decision, immediately after he has ruled that the lawyer cannot ask that question? The chances are extremely small. …

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The Judge cannot tell the Jury What Your Case is Worth

Clear Dispute in all Personal Injury Cases There will be a clear dispute in every one of the personal injury cases. One side will always claim that somebody was careless, negligent, or departed from good and accepted medical care, and because of that, the victim suffered a significant injury. The defense, on the other hand, …

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What do You Hope to Accomplish by Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Victims Want to Get On with their Lives Obviously, the only item, injured victims can recover by filing a personal injury lawsuit is compensation. Since they have incurred a debt because of somebody else’s carelessness they want and should be able to get back into the black and out of the red. Victims want to …

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You must be Ready to Discuss a Settlement

Did you know that during a pretrial conference, if one of the sides is not ready or prepared to discuss a settlement, the judge can actually dismiss the case? Why is that? What is Expected at a Pretrial Conference? A personal injury case is nearing the trial date and scheduled for pretrial conference. The judge …

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Can You Take a Bathroom Break during the Trial

During the course of a personal injury trial, which can be medical malpractice case, accident case, or even a wrongful death case, what happens if a juror wants to use the bathroom? If the juror needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the trial proceedings, can he raise his hand and ask …

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Legal Definitions Related to NYC Personal Injury Claims

The process of filing a personal injury claim in New York can be somewhat difficult to follow, especially if you have never filed or have been involved in a personal injury claim before. Moreover, the legal terms associated with personal injury claims can be hard to understand for injury victims and their families. In this post, we …

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