Workers Compensation Lawyer in New York City

According to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction is among the most dangerous industries in America, with one of the highest rates of workplace injuries. While workers’ compensation can provide supplemental coverage to those suffering injuries, it is often not enough to completely offset all the costs of an injury. If you …

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A staple of most construction sites is the forklift. They are most often used to transport heavy materials that would otherwise be difficult, unsafe, or impossible for construction workers to carry themselves. They are a valuable resource used to ensure that construction projects are completed quickly and safely, but they also pose a risk to …

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Coronavirus 2019 aka COVID-19 – An Informative Guide

If you have been following the buzz around world news, then you are sure to have heard of the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. In fact, discussions on this dreaded virus (aptly nicknamed by some as the “demon virus”) have taken the center-stage all across the globe.

While the danger of this highly contagious virus becoming a pandemic (a global epidemic) is real, the situation can improve with proper awareness and by taking the right precautions.

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Are Patients Really Providing Consent that is Informed?

In many circumstances, before doctors and other medical professionals can provide patients with a course of treatment or other procedure, it is necessary (even required) to obtain the informed consent of the patients. One common way for medical professionals to obtain and document that the patient’s consent has been given for the procedure is by …

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Hospital superbug scares linked to dirty endoscopic equipment

On behalf of Daniel C. Minc Suits have been filed for injury and death from infections from difficult-to-clean medical equipment. We all get routine medical tests from time to time and need to be able to trust that the equipment our doctors and hospitals use for diagnostic testing is safe. It has been unsettling to …

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Is July really the most dangerous month to be a hospital patient?

This article looks at the so-called “July Effect” when patient deaths are rumored to spike at hospitals.

In the medical profession it is known as the “July Effect:” a midsummer phenomenon during which patient deaths at hospitals are said to spike. The most common explanation for the July Effect is that July is when many medical school graduates take up their residencies at teaching hospitals throughout the country, which in turn leads to an increase in hospital errors and a deterioration in patient care. In recent years, a number of studies have been conducted to verify whether the phenomenon is an urban legend or based in fact. So far, those studies have suggested evidence for and against the notion that the July Effect may be rooted in reality.

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Medical care specialists rarely report medication errors, study finds

Did you know that according to a recent study, patients and their families are not always told when hospitals make medication errors? A medication error is any incorrect administration of medicine. This can include failure to prescribe or administer the correct drug, a mistake in dosage, allergic interactions and other similar matters. When medication errors …

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Medical residents and interns violate working regulations

Patients appreciate the devotion of hardworking medical care specialists. However, there is a difference between hardworking and overworking – the latter of which is professionally negligent. It is expected that doctors come to their jobs with a fresh mind as any lapse in focus can lead to serious harm. Residents of University of Chicago’s internal …

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Perforated bowel can lead to serious problems and large recovery

Colonoscopies and other similar procedures used to diagnose gastrointestinal problems are considered routine for most adults. However, like any medical treatment, there are risks involved, which sometimes lead to serious injuries. One woman was granted a multi-million dollar judgment in a medical malpractice lawsuit against her doctor. The jury handed down their decision, totaling $12 …

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