Snooki’s Plastic Surgeon to Face Lawsuit for Botched Nose-Job

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Famed for giving lip injections to Snooki from the Real Housewives of Jersey Shore, plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir Rice faces a lawsuit for a botched nose job. Arevik Khurdayan, 34, went to the doctor to fix her deviated septum. The surgeon and his staff convinced her to undergo a nose job that left her with even more problems.

How the Incident Happened

Khurdayan, a lawyer by profession, was facing breathing problems because of a deviated septum and went to Manhattan’s famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassir. The clinic does both plastic surgery and procedures for sinus and snoring. They suggested Khurdayan undergo a dual procedure called septorhinoplasty, saying it would eliminate her breathing problems and also act as a cosmetic fix.

Khurdayan underwent the dual surgical procedure in Feb. 2016, after which she alleged that instead of making her breathing better, the treatment left her with worse problems. Her medical malpractice lawsuit, filed in 2017 at a Manhattan Supreme Court, says that she has had to undergo further procedures by a different doctor to fix her deviated septum and remove polyps and blockages in her nose that developed after the botched nose job. 

Khurdayan claimed that she paid multiple visits to the plastic surgeon’s office to retrieve her medical records. When she finally managed to get her hands on them, she found that the file included false documents with her forged signature on multiple consent forms. Her records also did not mention that she would be intubated and unconscious for the procedure – something she said was basic information that a patient needed to be given before surgery.

The signatures and initials, Khurdayan alleged, looked nothing like her own and instead resembled the signatures of a nurse at Kassir’s office who had signed her other forms. Khurdayan’s lawyer, Steve Cohen of Pollock Cohen, said that she should have gotten the procedure that was agreed upon, but she didn’t and, as a result, had to endure unwarranted suffering. 

The famous plastic surgeon now has to face a lawsuit for multiple claims – medical malpractice, breach of contract, lack of informed consent, and forgery. The doctor bid against having multiple claims, but Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden rejected his claim, emphasizing that the case could go forward. Kassir’s lawyer said that the ruling was purely procedural and that the judge did not allow the case to move forward based on any merit of the allegations made against the doctor.

Kassir’s office maintains that the alleged “forged” signatures were due to a glitch in the system, which retrieved the plaintiff’s signatures from other documents and filled them into empty signature fields on blank documents.

The Legal Aspect

A medical malpractice lawyer in NYC must have experience in cases similar to yours to fight your case with conviction. A medical malpractice lawsuit should be filed against all negligent doctors that cause unnecessary pain to patients and think they will not be held responsible. 

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