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New York City surgeon removes wrong kidney; hospital apologizes

A wrong-site surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City recently made headlines when the wrong kidney of a 76-year-old was removed. In this case, while it is unknown what caused the wrong-site surgery, it turns out wrong-site surgical errors are more common than many might realize.

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Hospitals aren’t doing enough to prevent lost surgical instruments

We’ve discussed it before on this blog. However, it appears that some hospitals in New York City and beyond aren’t doing enough to prevent surgical instruments from being left inside patients during surgery.

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Distractions can lead to serious surgical errors

A new study shows that younger surgeons are more likely to make mistakes when there are distractions in the operating room. For instance, a cell phone or a fallen tray may result in serious errors.

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Preventing dangerous surgical mistakes

People in New York City typically do not like going to the doctor. Going through surgery can be even more agonizing. However, most people are reassured by the fact that doctors are well-trained and experienced. People assume they will receive quality care and treatment.

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Mother of three dies during kidney transplant surgery

Although surgery has innate risks, people expect that physicians and other medical professionals will do all they can to prevent a surgical error from happening. Sadly, a mistake during a recent surgery left one New York woman dead.

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Surgical error leaves New York woman with a third-degree burn

A New York woman went into Crouse Hospital for a cesarean-section. She only expected to deliver a baby. Instead, she was left with a third-degree burn. Now the woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against her doctor and Crouse Hospital for the surgical error.

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Dirty surgical tools a big problem in hospital operating rooms

People in New York City and beyond would often assume that an operating room is one of the most sanitary places. However, new evidence shows that dirty surgical tools are a major problem in hospitals all over the country.

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Board finds one New York doctor negligent

Hospital negligence in New York can lead to many consequences for a physician who causes serious injury or death. In addition to a civil lawsuit by a party who is injured, doctors in New York may also be subject to sanctions and fines if charged with negligence by the New York state Board for Professional Medical Conduct. That was the case for one New York orthopedic surgeon.

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Unlicensed cosmetologist guilty after lethal silicone injection

Medical malpractice does not always have to involve a surgical mistake or misdiagnosis. This became apparent in New York when an unlicensed cosmetologist was convicted of criminally negligent homicide. While this case does not constitute a surgical mistake in the traditional manner, it does illustrate how people can be injured or killed by medical mistakes.

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