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New York patients who are scheduled to have a surgery that uses computers to assist in the procedure may be interested to learn that in February, a patient's heart surgery was stopped for five minutes when a computer began doing an automatic virus check. Although the patient, who was sedated at the time, was not harmed, the incident does highlight the vulnerability of such systems to errors that could potentially be life-threatening.

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Robots have long been involved in the making of cars and electronics. They are also starting to learn how to make decisions that enable them to drive cars for us. As robots get smarter, there may be potential applications for artificial intelligence in the medical field. Specifically, it may be possible for a robot to perform surgery on its own in the future.

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New York patients may be interested to learn that a 60-year-old claimed in a lawsuit that a Connecticut hospital removed the wrong body part during a surgical procedure. She claimed that the doctors then attempted to cover up the mistake.

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While New York is not one of the states that gives protection to medical professionals who apologize for a medical error, some facilities and practitioners around the country have noted that saying "I'm sorry" often reduces the risk of a lawsuit. In the past, the more common practice has been denial, but apologizing is becoming more common.

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Many different complications can occur after surgery. Because the body is in a vulnerable condition, it increases the likelihood of health problems. Post-surgery blood clots and infection are two of the more common complications that crop up after surgery. Although it is less common, lymphedema is a very serious complication that can result in health issues throughout a patient's life.

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