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Many New York residents believe that the United States health care system is among the best in the world. According to the Institute of Medicine, however, nearly 98,000 people are killed from medical malpractice every year. While some medical errors may be unavoidable, others are caused by acts of negligence. In 2004, a New York woman sued a fertility clinic after giving birth to a baby that was obviously not her husbands. It emerged that the clinic had used semen from a stranger by mistake.

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Although anesthesia-related injuries are quite rare, there still are some slight risks involved. However, with a few tips, New York patients who are facing surgery can feel confident.

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Many surgeries performed in New York medical facilities are considered to be elective in nature. Plastic surgery can be performed to correct serious deformities, but in many cases, elective procedures are more a matter of making adjustments to specific physical features because of personal preferences. Regardless of the reason, there are some serious risks to think about before proceeding.

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There are many reasons why a New York patient may suffer complications from a medical error. Some are caused by health care staff that make poor clinical decisions while other occur due to system errors. These may include poor communication, checks and balance issues or even poor protocol design. Patients can help prevent medical errors by being engaged with the health care team.

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New York residents may have heard about a woman who died after getting a Brazilian butt lift. The 29-year-old mother from West Virginia was injured in a surgical procedure at Encore Plastic Surgery in Miami. After the woman's surgery, her organs failed because her heart and lungs had become clogged with fat clots.

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