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Close to 700,000 inguinal or femoral hernias are repaired every year in the United States. And, over 20 million cases are reported worldwide each year. It is reported that the mortality rate for hernia repair is just 0.1 percent after elective surgery, which shoots up to about 2.8 - 3.1 percent after an urgent surgery.

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Hysterectomy ranks second among the most frequently performed surgical procedures, after caesarian sections, in the United States.

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A new study by researchers of patient safety has revealed that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. It claims 251,000 lives each year, which is more than Alzheimer's, respiratory disease, stroke, and accidents.

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New York residents who have had spinal surgery may be aware of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. It is a term that refers to the condition of continuous pain, and is not meant to indicate that an error occurred during a surgery. The residual pain in the back or leg can lessen over time, but it may not completely dissipate. It can also worsen a few months after the surgery because of the formation of scar tissue around the spinal nerve root.

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New York residents might be interested to know that the 2016 Americas Hernia Society shed light on ways for medical professionals to better diagnosis inguinal hernias found in the small and large bowels of patients. CT scans diagnosed only seven percent of occult hernias and 25 percent of palpable inguinal hernias while MRIs found 33 percent of occult hernias and 41 percent of palpable hernias.

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