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Snow And Ice Can Cause Premises Liability Injuries in New York

Slip and fall accidents on ice during winters is very common in New York. Unfortunately, these falls can result in life-altering personal injuries. Property owners in New York have the legal duty to keep their premises free of ice and reasonably safe. 

You may be entitled to recover compensation if you or a loved one recently sustained injury after falling on ice. The lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP are here to help you obtain a substantial settlement. We fight hard to recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical costs among others. 

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Liability For Daycare Injuries to Your Child in New York

Parents in New York City often have to use the services of a daycare provider to care for their child. When doing so, they trust that the center will provide responsible care and ensure that the child does not suffer any hurt. Unfortunately, some daycare facilities do not live up to expectations and negligence of daycare centers is one of the significant causes of injuries and even death of young children.

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Tips to Avoid Cruise Ship Accidents and Illnesses

One of the best ways to unwind and relax is to set out on a cruise. The whole family can get together and enjoy themselves on a cruise. However, every now and then you do hear of a sickness epidemic or an ill-fated accident on a gorgeous luxury cruise that can make you change your mind about heading out to sea. It is true, if somebody on-board contracts a nasty virus, it can spread quickly because a ship is a closed environment where several dozens of people share things. You can avoid catching the flu virus or a stomach bug, if you follow the below listed strategies.

Visit a Travel Medicine Specialist Before You Set Out on a Trip

If you want to keep a throat trickle or bellyache at bay, be sure to visit a doctor who can update you on the vaccines you must take when you set out to sea. He will also assist you on the availability of vaccines in the places you will be docking and what is absolutely required.

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MANHATTAN: Apartment Attack In East Village Leaves Two People Injured After Perpetrator Stabbed Them

POLICE CONTINUE SEARCH FOR ASSAILANT  MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (January 1st, 2017) – An apartment complex in the East Village was the location of stabbing that left two people in critical condition, according to NBC News. Both of the victims were transported to the Bellevue Medical Center and are expected to survive. It remains unclear what led …

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MANHATTAN: Man And Woman Stabbed At Apartment Complex Near Avenue C

STABBING ATTACK REMAINS UNDER   INVESTIGATION  MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (January 1st, 2017) – A man and a woman were stabbed in an apartment complex in the East Village and rushed to the Bellevue Hospital in critical condition. Police are searching for the person that stabbed the man and the woman. At this point in time, there …

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MANHATTAN: East Village Apartment Stabbing of Man and Woman Causes Serious Injuries

ASSAULT REMAINS UNDER INVESTIGATION BY POLICE MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (January 1st, 2017) – Police are searching for a person that they believe stabbed a man and woman at an apartment complex in the East Village. It remains unclear what may have caused the altercation. The two people that were stabbed were rushed to the hospital in …

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MANHATTAN: High Rise Apartment Fire Leaves 24 Injured at 515 West 59th St., near 10th Avenue

AUTHORITIES CONTINUE TO INVESTIGATE WHAT CAUSED THE BLAZE MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (JANUARY 1, 2017) – Many people were injured after a fire started at an apartment building at 515 West 59th St., near 10th Avenue, according to NBC News. At least six people were seriously injured after smoke filled the hallways throughout the building. A seven year old girl …

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MANHATTAN: Fire at West Side High Rise Apartment Leaves Six People Seriously Injured Including 7-Year-Old Girl

TRAGIC FIRE LEAVES 24 INJURED MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (JANUARY 1, 2017) – At least six people were seriously injured after a high rise apartment fire at 515 West 59th St., near 10th Avenue. Police have not been able to determine what caused the fire in the first place. Fires can be caused by a number of factors …

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BROOKLYN: Chain Reaction Fall On Escalator At Target Store In Atlantic Terminal Mall Leaves 7 People Injured

ESCALATOR ACCIDENT LEAVES 7 PEOPLE INJURED BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (December 20, 2016) –  At least seven people were injured when an escalator malfunctioned at the Atlantic Terminal Mall. The shoppers were inside of a target when the accident happened. They were walking down the escalator when it was motionless. All of a sudden the escalator …

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