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Personal Injury Laws for Bicycle Accident Victims

Jan 18, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents, Personal Injury, Personal Injury FAQs

On one hand, bicycle rides offer several health and environmental benefits; on the other hand, traffic conditions in New York provide very little protection to bicyclists. Auto drivers often take sudden turns in front of bicycles, swing open the car doors in front of bicycles, or run the bicycles off the road. During such dangerous events, many bicyclists get hurt and some get seriously hurt.

Main causes of bicycle accidents

Personal injury cases involving bicyclists require strong legal representation and aggressive negotiations

Personal injury cases involving bicyclists require strong legal representation and aggressive negotiations.

Road accidents involving bicyclists are fairly common on New York streets and here are some identified reasons behind bicycle accidents:

  • Another car or large vehicle driver will suddenly turn in front of a bicycle leaving no room for the bicyclist.
  • A car driver or passenger will abruptly swing open the car doors right into the bicyclist’s path.
  • A speeding car runs a bicyclist off the road causing an accident.
  • A bicyclist fails to brake while on a slope and crashes down. Operative personal injury claim limits in New York State.

In New York, personal injury law firm usually work hard to maximize the damages for the injured bicyclist while the defendant’s insurance company may work hard to minimize the recovery payments. Usually, personal injury cases involving bicyclists require strong legal representation and aggressive negotiations.

Thus, it is imperative that bicycle accident victims contact a personal injury law firm like RMFW Law to register a lawsuit and recover damages from the guilty party. Since bicycle accidents often lead to disastrous damages to the cyclist, the legal compensations can be very high. However, New York State laws have imposed limits on the recovery damages.

The types of injuries caused by bicycle accidents

Bicyclists usually suffer these types of injuries due to accidents:

  • Head injuries in spite of helmets
  • Broken or fractured limbs or wrists
  • Spinal injuries

How can an experienced personal injury law firm in NY help?

A law firm will gather all the evidence from police records, eye-witness accounts, medical reports, photos and other evidentiary materials available on the accident site. The personal injury attorney, after careful examination of all evidences, will try to recover the following types of damages on behalf of the injured client:

  1. Incurred and future medical expenses
  2. Compensation for earnings loss
  3. Compensation for pain and suffering
  4. Compensation for permanent physical impairment if any

Since personal injury laws can be complicated and differ on a case to case basis, the best strategy for the victim is to contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible after the accident.

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