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FAQs about Workplace Injuries

Dec 7, 2016 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

As per a report issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries occurred in 2015 – a rate of 3.0 cases per 100 full-time workers.

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More than 50% of the 2.9 million or so cases involving private industry injuries and illnesses were related to days away from work, restriction or job transfer (DART: days away from work, restriction, or job transfer cases). These cases took place at a rate of 1.6 cases for every 100 full-time workers.

Common Questions about Workplace Injuries

There are a number of questions that people ask quite often about injuries in the workplace. Here is a look at a few of the most common questions:

Q1: What do I do if I sustained an injury at my place of work?

Ans: If you were injured while doing your work duties, you have the right to workers’ compensation benefits as an employee. Although the system was put into place as a way to protect both workers and employers, it can be quite difficult to get benefits. Claims are either challenged or denied, resulting in the injured person to suffer a number of problems if they do not receive benefits within a reasonable time period. This is when you need to get the help of an experienced lawyer to help get the problem resolved.

Q2: What steps should I take if my workers’ compensation claim is denied?

Ans: Many claims are denied, and employers can use a variety of tactics to prove that you did not injure yourself at work, or that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. In such cases, you can file an appeal. There is a time limit for filing an appeal, and you should make sure that you have a legal counselor to help you with this process.

Q3: When can I file a workers’ compensation claim?

Ans: If you injured yourself at work and have been unable to work for over seven days, it is your right to file a claim. If you were injured and have returned to work, but have been made to work for a lower salary because of your injuries, you can file a claim for an award for reduced earnings.

Q4: What steps should I take if I am injured on the job?

Ans: If you are injured at work, the first thing you should do, is inform your employer and seek medical treatment. The health care provider, you go to should be authorized, unless it is an emergency and your injuries need to be taken care of at the nearest hospital emergency department. If your injuries are less serious, but require treatment, you may have to get treatment from a healthcare provider that is authorized by your employer.

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