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As a bicyclist, there are steps you can take to prevent a serious accident. Unfortunately, even if you do everything you can to avoid trouble, there is no guarantee that you will make it to your destination without incident.

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A recent tragic accident on a construction site in Queens was one of many accidents that occur each year which involve construction workers being crushed by equipment on the job-site.  This type of accident can cause serious harm to the affected worker, including loss of limbs. In many situations, crushing injuries are actually fatal due to the severity of damage that occurs. New York City construction accident lawyers can provide legal representation to workers who are hurt by accidents involving machinery, equipment, or other items that crush them. Workers' compensation benefits may be available for injured employees or their family members when the incident is work-related.  These benefits can cover medical bills, provide disability income, and provide income to dependents after a death.

Crushing Injuries Cause Serious Harm to Construction Workers

The New York Post reported on the recent tragic accident that occurred on a construction site. According to the Post, the construction worker was at a job site on 126th Street and 82nd Avenue in Kew Gardens. A crawler crane was carrying a giant hammer at the site when the hammer fell onto a construction worker. The giant hammer hit both of the construction worker's legs and it pinned him to the ground. A Deputy Chief from the Fire Department of New York indicated to the Post that the worker sustained “serious injuries to both of his legs.” First responders who were called to the scene provided pain medication to the injured construction worker at the scene while FDNY worked to try to free the man from the position where he was trapped. The hammer was secured by ropes as FDNY dug underneath the man to create the space to extract him. He was transported to Jamaica Hospital and was described as being in serious condition. As tragic as the accident was, the situation could have been much worse. When the hammer fell, a piece of steel sheeting caught part of it. The large piece of steel stopped the hammer from falling the rest of the way onto the construction worker, which would have crushed the man to death. As the FDNY Deputy Chief explained “if it had fallen the rest of the way, it would have killed him.” Many other construction workers do suffer death from being struck by objects or from being caught in between objects, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Being caught in or crushed by objects are both among the “fatal four,” which are the four top causes of death among construction workers. In total, 9.6 percent of construction fatalities occurred due to the construction worker being crushed by an object and 7.2 percent occurred because the worker was caught by or in between objects. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can provide legal help to workers and families of workers after an injury or death resulting from being crushed by an object. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help.
If someone hurts you or hurts your loved one through negligence or wrongdoing, a New York personal injury law firm can provide assistance in making a damage claim. These claims can be made in many different circumstances, from car crashes to slip-and-falls. If you wish to pursue a case for compensation for serious injury or wrongful death after a car accident, you should be able to make a case against a driver who was at fault for causing the crash, as long as your injuries are serious. It will be up to you to prove the other driver was at fault for causing the motor vehicle accident to occur. Police reports from the scene of the crash can be important evidence, but a recent New York Times article demonstrates that sometimes obtaining accurate police reports can be a challenge.

When Obtaining a Post-Crash Police Report is Difficult

The New York Times told the story of the aftermath of an accident that demonstrates both the difficulty of getting ahold of a police report and the possibility of mistakes in the report. The story originated out of an accident in which a 21-year-old senior at Fordham University was hit by a vehicle when she was walking across the street.  She was critically injured, and her sister and friends who witnessed the accident indicate that the driver who hit her ended up just driving off after getting out of his vehicle and looking at the victim for only a second. The friends of the victim called the police, who sent officers to the hospital to talk with those who had been involved so a report on the accident could be prepared.  When the victim's stepfather called the local precinct to try to get a copy of the accident report, however, he was repeatedly told that only victims could have access to the report. Of course, the victim was in the ICU.  Her stepfather made several attempts to at least obtain a case or incident number, but was simply told the victim was the only one entitled to it. When the stepfather described the accident as a hit-and-run to police, he was also told that there was no record of an accident that was a hit-and-run. Initially, the department suggested he try again several days after his initial call because the report may not have been prepared yet. Unfortunately, the problem wasn't that the accident hadn't gotten into the system yet. It would later turn out the report contained wrong information about the driver staying on the scene. It was not until the stepfather finally got help from a friend who is a judge that he was able to get a copy of the report, thanks to the judge's intervention.  The fact that the report was wrong when it was received also ended up forcing the stepfather to conduct his own investigation into what occurred. Not everyone will have a judge who is a friend who can help to obtain copies of police reports, nor will everyone have the resources to conduct an independent crash investigation. You shouldn't need connections to be able to exercise your legal right to get a police report into your own hands or into the hands of a trusted family member. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can assist you in doing everything possible to obtain a police report and other evidence you need to make the strongest possible claim for compensation following a car crash.  Contact us today to find out more about how an attorney can help you to make your case for compensation.

New York is a very busy, crowded city that provides many opportunities every day for vehicle drivers to injure comparatively vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians. If there is good news in this scenario, it is that New York also maintains no-fault insurance claim statutes that allow pedestrians and others to receive some quick compensation. This helps to curb the effects of often lengthy personal injury suits.

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Car accidents can be devastating. Collisions are a leading cause of death, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury, among other tragic outcomes. When a crash happens, a New York City personal injury law firm can help victims and families of victims to pursue a claim for compensation for losses. Unfortunately, injuries from car accidents are often permanent, or families are forever shattered because a crash was a fatal one. It is important to identify the biggest risk factors and the most likely locations of auto accidents to try to spare families the trauma of crashes. The Pew Charitable Trusts reports that efforts are being made to use big data to reduce the number of accidents that occur so people can stay safer.

Car Crash Prevention Efforts Using Data Analysis

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts: “As more and more states use “big data” for everything from catching fraudsters to reducing heath care costs, some highway patrols are tapping it to predict where serious or fatal traffic accidents are likely to take place so they can try to prevent them. One state, Tennessee, has been a pioneer in its use of data analysis to identify likely collision locations and many other states have already begun to follow Tennessee's lead and become more effective at crash prevention through the use of data. The Tennessee program, launched statewide in late 2013, received funding from federal grants to help pay an estimated $263,000 in initial costs.  It will also have annual operating costs of around $125,000 annually.  While this could seem expensive, it is a small price to pay for avoiding potentially serious or deadly collisions. The program works by merging all of the reports of car accidents throughout the state into a software program. Information about the crash, including the traffic conditions, weather conditions, and news of special events was all input into the program as well, along with information on whether a driver had ever had a traffic enforcement citation. By quickly analyzing all of the information provided about the accidents and conditions surrounding them, the software program was able to produce a map that can pinpoint the chances of a death or serious collision. The map is able to show the chances of a crash within a six to seven-mile area during four-hour increments every day. Knowing where crashes are likely to happen allows law enforcement officers to effectively reduce crash risks by parking on the median to slow traffic. Even if police are not in the exact location, they can also respond more quickly to accidents if they are in the area and can hopefully provide prompt assistance to help reduce the severity of collision injuries. Hopefully, the use of data will expand and law enforcement officers will become even better at predicting and preventing crashes. Still, serious accidents can still happen, and victims who are hurt or families who lose loved ones should consult with an NYC personal injury lawyer at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff to get help as soon as possible following a crash.


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