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Traumatic injuries to the brain are common, particularly due to high traffic accident rates in big cities, construction, and excavation sites where trauma to the brain is caused by external forces or due to prolonged oxygen deprivation to it. Any such injury can be basis for personal injury claim. Statistics from the CDC show that the brain injury population in the US is in excess of 1.7 million annually, and is more commonly seen in the pediatric or geriatric age groups. Unfortunately, this type of injury can have severe and long lasting consequences or may even cause death.

Reasons for brain injuries

A traumatic head or brain injury may happen at any time and be either an open or close type. The most common causes are:

  • Motor accidents, head-on vehicle collisions, hit and run incidents, pedestrian & bicycle crashes, and motorbike & truck accidents.
  • In seniors, the major cause is often slipping and falling on roads and down staircases, falling from ladders or out of the bed they are sleeping in or by tripping and tumbling at home, workplace, or in public places like roads and parks.
  • Among the old and infirm, falling in care centers and/or nursing homes is common.
  • Injuries sustained from rigorous sports, violence, and/or child abuse.
  • Falling debris at construction or demolition sites.
  • Injuries sustained from assault and/or combat; gas & fire explosions at home or at the workplace.

The brain damage may be localized in the area where the initial impact took place. However, severe jolts or blows could dislodge the brain within the cranium and result in multiple damage and complications such as seizures, mood swings, memory problems and even speech and movement problems that may last a lifetime. In other words, a gross brain injury may sure maim you, if it doesn’t kill you and is a valid basis for personal injury claim.

Your rights as a brain injury victim

If the injury has been caused for someone else’s callousness or fault, you need to consult an attorney right away to seek advice on claiming damages. This is compulsory as establishing the fact that the brain injury actually occurred due to the fault of a 3rd party may require the involvement of several medical specialists, certainly one! Moreover, in order to extract compensation from the defendant, you have to prove that the latter violated safety rules, deliberately ignored a legal obligation or acted in an unreasonable and negligent manner. This may not be easy and would require experience and adequate legal knowledge to see that justice is ultimately done. Moreover, time is a major factor in such cases and critical evidence can either disappear quickly or may be deliberately erased.

Why Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP?

For decades now, specialist brain injury attorneys of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP or RMFW Law have defended victims of brain injuries and obtained for them their due compensation. This has been based on our genuine empathy for those who have to unfairly cope with huge medical costs and, more importantly, face an uncertain future. We aim to rid you of your stress and uphold your civil rights at any cost. If you have been wronged by the system, let’s turn this around and make this right. Remember, a brain injury case can be extremely complex and our experience, legal skills and panel of the most eminent medical experts will help you win, no matter what. In order to see that your basis for personal injury claim is a success, you need one medical expert to back up your case or you do not have one. We can find and know medical experts to evaluate your case. Call us at (800) 660-2264 for a free consultation. Let’s start this journey today. RMFW Law charges you nothing up front. In fact, we only take a percentage at the end and this means we want to win as badly as you do. We know how to win these types of cases, call us now!

Demolition accidents are all too common, particularly in large metropolitan cities and you could find yourself as a victim of one any day, anytime. You may be walking past a demolition site, albeit at a safe distance, only to suddenly find a falling brick landing on your head, resulting in a severe concussion, temporary or permanent disability, or perhaps even death due to irreversible neurological damage. Then your family or a close friend will have to make the tough call for you and call up a legal pro. Even though controlled demolition is a process involving dedicated professionals from various fields of engineering, the risk factor in the whole procedure is also high. This makes it compulsory for all professionals involved to know and clearly understand his role in the whole process. Circumstances leading to personal injuries However, it is often seen that the work going on in a particular demolition site does not strictly adhere to stipulated safety standards and this is the main cause of such accidents. A missing hard hat, safety jacket, or safety shoes may lead to the most unfortunate circumstances. Statistics show that demolition workers mostly face potential injuries like being struck by projectiles, falling heavy objects, or other assorted debris; getting trapped in a structure that’s imploding; and falling off scaffolds or ladders due to lack of safety hooks and belts or even falling into dug out pits by stepping on loose earth. Demolition accidents thus are not uncommon among these type of workers. Your rights As a demolition worker, you need to know that there are multiple laws & regulations for your protection in case of demolition accidents. For example, Labor Law 241 stipulates that owners and contractors must provide adequate protection to their workers. Failing this, the contractor or owner is liable for all damages arising from the accident. These include all medical bills, physical suffering and pain, lost wages as also emotional trauma caused. As an unfortunate victim of demolition accident, you have to first notify your employer who is legally duty bound to take care of compensating you. It is for him to arrange for first aid, hospitalization, if necessary and pay for all treatment costs incurred. The responsibility of approaching his insurer and getting the claim money out for you also lies with him. Should he fail in such duties, you have no recourse but to take proper legal help. Utilizing legal help becomes essential as you may not be in a physical state to fight for your legal rights as the process can be a complicated and a long one. This is not the time to become a part time lawyer. And this is not the time to try to take on insurance companies all by your lonesome. That would be foolhardy! Kind of like watching the movies Meet the Parents II and III, they were terrible! The Legal Recourse For close to a century now, Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP – the renowned New York based legal firm has been fighting for the rights of such demolition accident victims. We have had a 90% success rate so far and our sagacious and formidable construction demolition injury attorneys have obtained for our clients the right financial compensation for all medical expenses, physical and mental pain & suffering, and lost income. Call us at (800) 660-2264 for a free evaluation of your case. What’s more, we work on a contingency basis and charge you nothing until we recover your compensation through trial or settlement negotiations. We only win if you win! Call us today!
Every now and then life throws the curve at you and you may find yourself a victim of an unfortunate accident. It could be a car or bike crash, an accident at the workplace or even a falling brick from an old building roof when you’re walking on the street. This is when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. The point, however, is that a personal injury may immobilize you for a while, cause both physical and mental trauma and definitely burn a hole in your pocket for medical treatment, hospitalization and post-hospitalization convalescence costs. In case you are entitled to compensation for the same and are having difficulties in getting the same from your insurer or the guilty party, which caused the mishap, it’s time to definitely consult a personal injury lawyer. Here go the main reasons for hiring an experienced attorney specializing in personal injury cases: Assessment of claims: A terrific legal professional will carefully review your circumstances and tell you right away whether it’s worth pursuing legal action. If your case doesn’t have the required merits, you are most unlikely to win and will spend money and time uselessly. Consider this as top factor while deciding to hire a personal injury lawyer. No recovery, no fees: Certain legal counselors work on a contingency basis, which implies that if you don’t win the case and get your compensation, he won’t charge you anything. You just have to pay the basic court costs and doctors’ fees for reviewing your medical records. The attorney will, however, charge a percentage of the compensation you receive as his fees if you win. Eliminates red tape: Legal procedures that are highly complicated, confusing medical jargon and loads of paperwork are pretty common in these cases. The legal professional takes the full responsibility of working through the paperwork maze that’s so necessary to recover your claim. Investigating team: Usually, personal injury attorneys work in tandem with investigators who are experienced in certain areas. This team of investigators skillfully examine your case’s technical aspects, based mostly on important information provided by you on your injury and the circumstances that led to it. If you want to hire a personal injury lawyer, ensure your lawyer can conduct an impartial investigation on your behalf. Objectivity: Personal injury victims are subject to a mix of emotions after the accident. Anger, frustration, pain, and fear are known to collectively impact your senses and may prevent you from seeing things clearly. The attorney will take a more objective view of your case and help you make the right decisions. For instance, your insurer may tempt you with a quick settlement, whereas your attorney will advise you to wait longer to get a better deal. Resolution of alternative disputes: It is not often that complicated and lengthy trials are always necessary for resolving personal injury cases. A legal counselor who is knowledgeable and judicious will know exactly whether the case is solvable through ADRs or alternative dispute resolution procedures. This would definitely save you money, time, and energy. These could be either arbitration or mediation. Dealing with the other side: A trained legal counselor will most effectively deal with your opponent’s attorney and faster also. This assumes much significance during the litigation’s fact-finding stage when both parties by law must exchange documents and facts. The other side would also include insurance companies, which often resort to pressure tactics to settle for unsatisfactory amounts for you but a satisfactory amount for themselves.

RMFW Law will Work Hard for You

If you need legal help in this regard then you need to call up Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff, LLP at (800) 660-2264. We know how to win cases. We have won millions of dollars for past clients and you too can be on this amazing list. We know how to get the job done. The first meeting with us free if your hire a personal injury lawyer from our firm. We only win if you win!
Any personal injury arising out of products liability enables the plaintiff to sue the product’s manufacturer for suitable damages if he’s injured while using the product and can be the basis of faulty equipment personal injury lawsuit. This is most commonly seen in electrical gadgets with faulty wiring that have either given out shocks or even resulted in electrocution leading to death. In construction sites, the application and use of defective heavy machinery, particularly excavators and cranes, have led to heavy objects suddenly dropping from heights and crushing or seriously injuring those below.

Products liability: a definition

In order to establish product liability in a faulty equipment personal injury lawsuit, product defect has to be proved first. A product is deemed defective for its manufacturing defect, faulty design or even when it has failed to warn the user of its shortcomings and caused him personal injury as a result. This failure in warning the consumer may be deemed the manufacturer’s negligence and for which he is liable to pay compensation. The question of compensation will also arise as he did not take appropriate precautionary measures in preventing the accident or in subsequently warning the consumer of any possible danger. However, the manufacturer is liable to pay damages if only the consumer uses the product correctly. On the flip side, if the manufacturer is able to establish that the consumer was using his product incorrectly or unreasonably, he may be spared the agony of paying compensation, which at times may be quite steep also. In certain faulty equipment personal injury claims, such as those related to medicine, drugs, and lifesaving equipment to name a few, the concept of strict liability arises. This implies that the manufacturer is responsible for any damages regardless of negligence.

Getting legal help

The question of seeking legal help arises when proving product liability becomes difficult. The concept by itself is complicated and only a stellar, proven, and percipient legal professional can assess your injury situation and conclude whether at all your case has any merit. For instance, if a cough syrup that you consumed contained arsenic while it was being manufactured, your claim stands to be manufacturing defect-based. On the other hand, if you took the same cough syrup and suffered a coronary attack thereafter, in spite of its regular and normal ingredients, it could be deemed a design-based defect. Lastly, the same medicine may have been manufactured correctly and considered safe for consumption. Yet, it caused you an injury because you took it with aspirin while the label on the bottle didn’t warn you that combining both could be dangerous, the claim could be admissible on the manufacturer’s failure to give a prior warning.

RMFW Law will come through for you!

Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff (RMFW Law) is a renowned New York-based attorney firm that specializes in product liability cases. We’ll assess your case for free and help you to correctly identify your claim for faulty equipment personal injury lawsuit. Once this is done, we’ll file your case, if required we will represent you in court and work towards obtaining for you a favorable verdict. We could settle out of court as well. We know how to win cases in the courtroom and outside of it. You can reach us at (800) 660-2264. We know this game and RMFW Law battles for every victory and takes every client case seriously. These cases are not simple and the other side has certain tactics they will try to employ. Do not worry, we know how to deal with those tactics and do not sign off on your case until you have called us. Do not cut yourself short! $16,000 may seem like a lot but how about $62,000 three months later, for example? Call RMFW Law! We have been around the legal block before!
As a construction worker, it’s always possible that you might be lightly or badly injured at the site because of a sudden fall or while handling heavy construction equipment. On certain occasions, it has also happened that cranes bearing heavy loads have lost control and dropped heavy items on people, injuring and disabling them permanently or even killing them. With the economy soon about to improve when taxes are lowered we may even see more people get hurt because there will be more activity going on. if you have been involved in a construction accident, learn what are the options for a personal injury claims for construction workers.

Your rights to compensation

What then are your rights to workmen’s compensation should you be a victim of such unfortunate circumstances? To begin with, you have a right to claim compensation according to the provisions of various workmen’s compensation laws. This would, however, depend on your status of employment and/or to what extent your employer’s responsible for the said injury. The latter of course, is determinable by the attorney who will represent you. This may be deemed to be a specific benefit to which you are entitled and a safety net for you if you are injured in harness. These are the two most important factors in personal injury claims for construction workers. It is also advisable to note that the law clearly stipulates that every construction or hazardous business must compulsorily have insurance for workers' compensation covering its employees. When you file for workers' compensation, you are actually claiming the money from the insurer. You are not suing your employer, rather placing a request for your due benefits. The compensation payable to you will be dependent on the following factors:
  • Nature of injury (permanent or temporary).
  • Extent of injury (whether the injury has caused temporary or permanent disablement).
  • Loss of wages due to the injury.
  • All medical expenses incurred for treatment of the same until full recovery. Under the scheme of workers' compensation, a victim may be treated by the company’s doctor, but it shouldn’t cross 30 days. After such time, the patient may press the button for a different physician, subject to submission of a request in writing.
Mental trauma suffered: Of course, there may also be other outside parties like property owners, 3rd party contractors or even equipment manufacturers who may be responsible for your injury. Thus you are also liable to sue these parties for appropriate compensation under personal injury claims for construction workers. Temporary disability: If your injury keeps you away from the workplace, you are entitled to payments for temporary disability. This amounts to partial compensation of any lost wages, subject to certain minimum and maximum limits. The average rate, however, is approximately two-thirds of the average gross pay per week, payable every fortnight. This temporary disability, however, has to be certified by a qualified medical practitioner. This too is an important factor in personal injury claims for construction workers. Permanent disability: A lump sum monetary award is given to any worker who can't recover completely from the injury’s effects. Permanent disability implies the injured party’s loss of abilities to work with uninjured and normal workers. This amount, however, is determined on the limitation placed by the injury on your activities, your age, earnings when the injury happened and occupation.

Consult a judicious and committed lawyer

Workmen’s compensation can be a tricky issue and handling it by yourself could land you in a further mess. We at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff or RMFW Law are experienced and trained workmen’s compensation lawyers with a proven track record of successful cases to our credit. We shall assess your claim free of charge, take care of the necessary paperwork in filing it and negotiate with the insurer to get you the best deal. Call us at (800) 660-2264. We know how to win these types of cases. Do not sign any paper work with any insurance company just yet. They will try to undercut you. They may offer to pay for your injuries but how about your lost time at work? How about the pain? How about the effect on your personal life? All this needs to be accounted for. Call RMFW Law today!


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