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Window washers have a dangerous job when they work at high elevations. Workplace falls are a leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities, and window washers are among the workers most vulnerable to suffering a fall. If a window washer does fall and is hurt or killed, the worker or his surviving family members should consult with New York City workers' compensation lawyers for help as soon as possible. Benefits may be available for medical care, disability, lost work and earnings, or the death of a worker. The dangers faced by window washers was illustrated recently when a tragic accident occurred in New York City. ABC 7 NY reported on the incident that occurred.

Window Washer Killed in Fall Accident

According to ABC 7 NY, a 56-year-old window washer was working on the 12th Floor washing windows at 60 Madison Avenue. At approximately 10:20 AM on a Monday in August, an accident occurred and caused the window washer to fall. The older man fell from the 12th floor down to the courtyard on the 6th floor. The fall proved to be a fatal one for the window washer. An office worker who saw the incident from the seventh floor of 60 Madison Avenue explained that he had been sitting in his office having a meeting when the man's falling was observed out of the window.  The man who fell landed in the air shaft of the building. Workers who had been on site were horrified by the incident, according to ABC 7. They reached out to emergency services immediately by calling 911, but it was too late for first responders to do anything to save the window washer who had fallen six stories. Witnesses describe a lot of blood at the scene of the accident. Immediately after the incident, several workers in nearby office buildings ran down the fire escape to reach the window washer and try to see if there was anything that they could do for him. Unfortunately, the man was not breathing when the would-be rescuers reached him. When the first responders came to the scene, they transported the window washer to Bellevue Hospital. The man was subsequently pronounced dead at the hospital.  The New York State Department of Labor was notified of the tragic accident and investigators from the Division of Safety and Health are conducting an examination in order to determine what went wrong and how the man fell. Preliminary investigations into the cause of the incident suggest that the safety harness the window washer was wearing likely gave away, causing him to fall. It is not yet clear why the safety harness failed. The incident shows how dangerous it can be to work at high levels, even when you have appropriate safety equipment to protect you. Equipment can malfunction, especially if not properly maintained or if workers don't know how to use it properly. It is the job of employers to ensure that safety equipment is provided and staff members have the knowledge they need to reduce on-the-job risks. Employers should be held accountable for failures. New York City workers' compensation lawyers help those hurt or families of those killed in tragic work accidents to take action and obtain compensation through workers' compensation or other legal remedies available to them.
New York personal injury lawyers provide representation to victims of fall injuries when a property is not maintained and injury occurs as a result. Slip and falls are a very common reason to get hurt on property and premises liability laws give victims legal rights after a fall happens. However, slips and trips aren't the only types of injuries that can happen on property and they aren't the only type of accidents that can give rise to personal injury claims. You should reach out to an attorney whenever you are hurt on someone else's property by any cause, including when trees fall and cause you harm.

Tree Collapse Injures A Mother With Three Small Children in Central Park

Falling trees are far too common throughout New York City and elsewhere in the state. Unfortunately, falling trees can cause very serious injuries.  NY Daily News reported recently on a tree collapse that occurred in Central Park. The collapse caused a mother of three young children to be hurt. The incident happened when a mother and her children were walking in a path along central park. The mother had one child strapped to her on a carrier and she was pushing two other young children in a double stroller. The third child in the carrier was just one month old.  As the mother and children were walking on the path, an ear-splitting crack was heard. A massive elm tree lining the path then toppled down. The incident occurred at approximately 10:00 AM. The mother was pinned briefly underneath the large tree. She was described as being woozy as a result of the incident.  An eyewitness reported that the mother had to be freed from the tree with chainsaws.  The mother and children were hospitalized, but NY Daily News reports that none of the injuries sustained by the mother or any of the kids were life-threatening.  However, the mother was described as being in-and-out of consciousness and her injuries were considered to be critical. The tree reportedly fell within just an instant and witnesses said there was nothing anyone could have done. It was lucky the tree did not cause more serious harm to the mother or any of the children. Unfortunately, falling trees can cause fatalities and can cause paralysis or other serious and permanent injuries. In November of 2016, for example, a 4,000 pound tree fell on a restaurant deliveryman in Brooklyn and killed him. When a tree falls down on someone's property, it is important to determine if the property owner was negligent or not. Property owners cannot be responsible for any and every random accident that happens, but if the owners failed in their obligations in some way, they could be held accountable for harm to visitors. In this particular case, it is not yet clear what caused the tree to fall, especially as there was no wind and only light rain so it did not appear weather was a factor. New York personal injury lawyers who handle premises liability claims on a routine basis can help victims of falling tree accidents to understand what their rights are and, in appropriate cases, to take legal action when an accident has happened.

In New York City and surrounding areas, a growing number of people are commuting to and from work and other destinations on a bicycle. There are many reasons for this, including the convenience, ability to save money and the exercise it provides.

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There is a lot that can wrong in just about any workplace, and is especially true in the case of large warehouses. Uncontrolled traffic and complex machinery that is used in warehouses pose risks for accidents around the clock. And, this is why it is important to mitigate these risks of injury and accidents with adequate planning and training programs. By implementing safety standards, employers can keep their employees healthy and also minimize damage to equipment as well as inventory. Three of the main causes of accidents involving forklifts are pedestrian accidents, irresponsible driving, and tip overs. However, it is easy to address these three factors, to reduce the risk of workplace injuries substantially. Tips to Prevent Forklift Accidents
  1. Preventing Truck Tip-Overs
It is but natural for drivers to jump off of the truck, when a forklift begins to tip over. Unfortunately, this is a leading cause of grievous injuries. Forklifts are designed to carry several tons, so when a truck lands on an employee it is bound to break bones or worse. Tips to minimize the chances of a tip-over:
  • Slow down while turning. It is important to reduce speed just before turning. The speed should be maintained throughout the turn, ensuring that the steering wheel is rotated slowly.
  • Employees must lower the forks and gently tilt them back in order to keep the load stable when operating the forklift.
  • Always maintain low loads, and ensure the mast is always tilted back for better stability. Remember, that the truck can trip if heavy loads are angled either too forward or far backward.
  • Never load the forks beyond the maximum capacity of the truck.
  • Unstable or oddly shaped loads should not be transported or moved.
  • Tall or wide loads must be moved slowly and carefully.
  • All employees must undergo regular assessments as a part of any training program. The forklift test must examine the employee’s ability and skill to avoid tip-overs.
  1. Address Irresponsible Driving and Horseplay
Supervisors must immediately address horseplay. The employees must understand that by driving a forklift with abandon, not only will they put themselves at risk, but will also compromise the safety of other pedestrians and employees. Forklift trucks are not just healthy, but also unstable. Even the most experienced of drivers can sometimes make mistakes. And, it is therefore prudent that a driver operating in an unsafe fashion must be immediately disciplined. This is one of the simplest ways, to prevent forklift accidents.
  1. Ensure Safety of Surrounding Pedestrians and Workers
Drivers need to exercise caution and avoid pedestrians to prevent forklift accidents. Similar to driving a car on a road, pedestrians always have the right-of-way, even when they are walking in the forklift driving path. It is therefore critical that the forklift drivers are trained to look out for pedestrians and honk at blind spots and intersections. Even with strict guidelines are implemented to prevent forklift accidents, there can be minor accidents. If you or someone you know of, has been in a forklift accident and sustained serious injuries, simply contact one of the many of the profound personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falloff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at (800) 660-2264. Call today for a free consultation! That is right, the first meeting is free. We have won many cases for previous clients and you too can be on this sparkling list. What is your side of the story? What really happened? We at RMFW Law are only paid if you are paid. We want to win as badly as you do and we know how to deal with the opposition including the legal counselors from the opposing insurance company. We know their ploys and we know how to beat them at their own game or hit them using the law in ways they cannot deflect or legally block. Call RMFW Law today!
A driver has been charged with drunk driving after causing a pedestrian accident recently, according to ABC 11.  The incident occurred in New York City and the driver caused injuries to multiple pedestrians after jumping the curb. Pedestrians in this accident were on the sidewalk obeying the rules when a driver struck them unexpectedly. Unfortunately, pedestrians often are not at fault for collisions with cars – but they are typically hurt much more seriously in car accidents than motorists in vehicles are since they have no protection. When a pedestrian is hurt, New York City pedestrian accident lawyers can provide representation to the walker or his family in taking legal action to recover damages.

Alleged Drunk Driver Injures Pedestrians in New York City

According to ABC 11, the driver who has been charged with drunk driving is a 23-year-old man. The driver came around a corner and drove up onto the sidewalk where a crowd of more than 20 people were standing. The motorist began to hit people in the crowd of 20 or more pedestrians, before the driver eventually lost one of the vehicle wheels and then sped away from the scene of the accident. The incident happened in Brooklyn and it occurred shortly before 5:00 AM on a Monday.  Witnesses believe that the driver had become involved in a disagreement with another man who told him to leave, thus prompting the driver to get into the car and begin his fateful journey. It was only minutes later that the driver crashed, veered out of the sidewalk and struck the pedestrians. A surveillance video captured the accident and recorded the driver of the vehicle plowing into the pedestrians and then speeding away from the collision scene.  Unfortunately, people within the crowd were hurt when the driver hit them.  A total of four people got hit by the car when the driver plowed it into traffic. In total six people sustained injuries as a result of the driver coming up onto the curb. One of the victims involved in the accident was crying as she spoke to ABC 11 about the accident. She described the incident as surreal and said she knew that it could have been much worse. Another witness said that she turned around to look when she heard the car crashing and she believed that the driver was traveling at least 50 miles per hour or perhaps even faster as the driver careened into the crowd standing on the sidewalk. The young driver did flee the scene, but police were able to track him down only a few blocks away from where he had struck the motorist.  When a driver hits-and-runs, especially when pedestrians are seriously hurt, it's important the driver is found so he can be held liable for his actions. New York City pedestrian accident lawyers help victims to hold drivers accountable, so give us a call as soon as possible if you are involved in a crash that you believe was caused by a negligent or intoxicated driver.


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