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According to statistics, 942,219 people in the United States were killed, and 26,594,887 were injured, as a result of traffic accidents in 2016. With car accident cases on the rise every year across the US, it is no surprise that the number of personal injury lawsuits is increasing each year. Apart from traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, burns and fires, defective products, swimming pool accidents/drownings, workplace accidents, dog bites, etc. are some of the most common causes of personal injury cases. Formal Settlement vs. Informal Settlement When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the timeline can move at a slower pace than you might expect. The rules in civil court trials are more lenient pertaining to the right to a speedy trial as the United States Constitution states. Additionally, civil court is largely ruled by the judges’ decisions rather than the writing of statutes into law. When it comes to settlement in personal injury cases, the two most common forms are formal and informal settlements. Formal settlements: After a lawsuit’s entire timeline has occurred, including a complete trial, the case comes to a formal settlement. During a trial, each party is brought before a judge to present their case. After deliberation, the judge determines who wins the case as well as the amount of damages that will be awarded to either party, if any. There are several reasons that you might prefer a formal settlement for a personal injury case, including seeking restitution of a large sum, exposing the actions of a company to the public and in some cases, accepting a remedy that is more than money. Informal settlements: In the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits, the case is resolved by an informal settlement. This means that both parties negotiate and reach an agreement before the case goes to trial. In some cases, an informal settlement can ever occur before the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Legal professionals accept these agreements only after consulting their clients and getting an approval. Why Personal Injury Cases Take Long In some personal injury cases, the outcome suffers due to the negligence of another party. Additionally, many people who file such claims give up as the idea of battling large companies becomes too overwhelming and time-consuming. Personal injury cases tend to take long as both parties need to thoroughly investigate the accident and find evidence to defend their claims. No Excuse for Negligent Driving If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, you should immediately seek the help of a fantastic and reliable personal injury lawyer at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law. Such cases can be complex and require the knowledge and expertise that a legal counselor can provide. With the help of one of our personal injury lawyers, you can make sure that every step of the lawsuit process is done properly and that your rights are protected. With legal expertise, your lawyer will ensure that you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries as well as other damages. Call us at (800) 660-2264. We have won millions of dollars for past clients. You too can be on this list. You just need to call us. If we have to visit you because you are unable to visit our office, no problem. We know how this game is played and we know how to blast holes through the opposition’s case. Do not sign anything with anyone. Do not sign any paper work with the insurance company. They are not on your side. They are not looking out for your best interests. Who cares if they offer you $18,000 on the spot to settle this case? Your case could be worth much more; does that $18,000 cover missed time at work and the medical costs? It does not. It only covers car replacement for example. Your case could be worth $72,000, for instance. This has cost you much more than just a car. You do not even know the extent of your medical injuries yet. Call RMFW Law now – we know this type of work.

If you are a New York City resident who relies on public transportation to get around, you may try to mix it up a bit by riding your bicycle on the streets of the city. But unfortunately, doing so can put your health — and even life — at great risk.

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After you experience a car accident, whether you're a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian, it is wise to call the police. This helps you in a number of ways. First a police officer who responds to the scene will create an official police report about the accident, which is often very helpful when pursuing a personal injury claim.

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Bicycle riders face a significantly increased risk of being hurt or killed in an auto accident when they are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. A bicycle rider who is hurt, or the family members of a bicycle rider killed in a crash, should consult with a New York City car accident law firm to explore options for pursuing a case for compensation. One recent tragic accident showed just how dangerous a collision can be when it involves bike riders. NY Post reported on the accident, which happened during a city-wide bicycle tour.

Bicycle Accident Involving Drunk Driver Causes Critical Injury

Four bicycle riders were involved in the recent traffic accident the NY Post reported on. The bicycle riders were parked at 12th Avenue at 39th Street, which is a location in Borough Park. The bicycle riders were parked at this spot as they waited for a traffic light to change so they could continue their city tour. Unfortunately, while they were waiting, an allegedly intoxicated driver struck them and critically injured one of the bicyclists. The drunk driver pulled his vehicle out of a parking spot at approximately 9:15 AM, shortly before the accident occurred. The driver stopped behind the bicycle riders briefly after he saw them at the red light. However, he then proceeded to accelerate his vehicle and to drive directly into the group of bicycle riders who were stopped at the light. After he had driven into the crowd, he allegedly stopped and reversed his car. As he did so, he pinned a 55-year-old woman underneath the vehicle.  The victim pinned under the car described the experience as terrible. While passengers tried to help extract her from under the car, they had to stop because of the risks of permanent injury. The passenger that was trapped had her right arm in an unnatural position because she was forced under the car with her arm positioned up above her head. A witness described the incident as a horrible scene, and indicates that it appeared the driver who had plowed into the bicycle riders was essentially knocking the riders over as if they were dominoes.  One of the victims initially feared that the incident was a part of a terror attack, as there have been several recent incidents in which terrorists drove vehicles into crowds of people including in Nice and Barcelona. However, witnesses indicate that when the driver got out of the car, he appeared to be intoxicated with bloodshot eyes. The accident remains under investigation, but it seems clear that the driver will  -- in some way – be held responsible for the damage he caused to the bicycle riders, including for the critical injuries caused to one of the bicyclists. After any bike accident, victims will need to reach out to a New York City car accident law firm to get help determining if they have a legal right to make a claim against a driver who hit them.
Wrong-way accidents are often head-on collisions and the consequences are often fatal. Family members of victims killed in wrong-way accidents should consult with a New York City motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible following a crash to understand the process for holding the driver accountable. Motorists who go the wrong way on roadways are often intoxicated, asleep at the wheel, or otherwise behaving negligently or in violation of the rules of the road. They should be held accountable both for injuries they cause and when fatalities result from drivers going the wrong way. One recent wrong-way crash shows why these accidents can be so dangerous. CBS New York reported on the wrong-way accident, which was a head-on crash that left a woman dead.

Wrong Way Accidents are Often Fatal Head-On Crashes

According to CBS News, the recent wrong-way accident happened on the Hutchinson River Parkway. The incident occurred around 4:30 AM. A female driver of a Kia Sorrento was traveling with another female passenger. She was going the wrong way on the highway near the Weaver Street exit in Scarsdale when the accident happened. The wrong-way driver in the Kia Sorrento hit a Land Rover head-on as the Land Rover was traveling in a northbound direction. The woman who was driving the Kia Sorrento was killed at the scene of the accident. The passenger who was in the Kia at the time was critically injured and, as of the time of the CBS report on the accident, she was undergoing surgery to treat her injuries.  The driver of the Land Rover was also injured, but his injuries were described as serious but not critical. Another motorist was also involved in the accident as well, as a black sedan veered into the woods to try to avoid the collision. The sedan driver was not injured. The crash was a serious one because when cars collide head-on, the force of the impact is magnified.  The CBS report indicates that the Kia the deceased woman was traveling in was left as nothing more than a “mangled, twisted husk” after the direct crash into the front of the Land Rover.  When these accidents happen on highways, they are often high-speed crashes, which only serves to further compound the force. Wrong way accidents don't just happen – a driver who is going in the wrong direction has to make a major error for this mistake to occur. The CBS report on this particular accident indicates that it is too early to tell if alcohol or drugs were involved in the driver going the wrong way. But, whatever happened, victims including passengers and other motorists should make sure they know their rights. Whenever a wrong way accident happens, it is important for those hurt or the families of those killed to take legal action. A New York City motor vehicle accident attorney should be consulted to provide advocacy and representation to those who wish to obtain compensation for losses from wrong way drivers who cause head-on crashes to occur.


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