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Medication errors can compromise the health of New York patients, worsening existing medical conditions and causing adverse reactions. According to the World Health Organization, medical errors can also increase resistance to antibiotics. Resistance to antimicrobials can take place when there are modifications in bacteria that make the medications intended as treatment ineffective. Antimicrobial resistance is an issue that is impacting the world. If the issue is not properly addressed, the era of modern medicine could come to an end.

The director general of WHO states that the impact of medication errors extends well beyond the individual patient. The increase in antimicrobial resistance that results from incorrectly prescribing antibiotics or not taking them as directed can place everyone at risk.

A report was published by WHO that detailed the results of the GLASS, a worldwide antimicrobial surveillance system. The findings showed that in some countries, as much as 82 percent of bacterial infections are able to withstand one or more antibiotics that are frequently used. Attention also has to be directed to medication errors. According to research that was commissioned by the British government, the National Health Service makes over 200 medication errors annually. These mistakes include administering the wrong medication to patients. This particular type of mistake can be a factor in as many as 22,000 deaths every year in England. The research findings indicate that the issue of medication errors is a much more significant problem than many realize and is responsible for harm and deaths that are completely preventable.

Individuals who have been given the wrong drug or a dangerous combination of prescriptions for a medical condition and who have been harmed as a result may have cause to seek damages. They might want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney to see what recourse might be available.


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