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When mistakes involving medication or medical devices arise, it's important to make a record of the errors. This will help doctors and nurses better understand the side effects or limitations of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Medical professionals can also better ascertain the risks of using a medical device. When reporting an error, New York patients should be as detailed as possible.

Worthwhile information to put in a report includes the name of the drug, dosage amounts and strength of the medication. It's also a good idea to reveal how the drug was obtained, the age of the person who took it and what happened after taking it. As information is gathered, reports and alerts may be written and issued to the public to protect their safety.

Errors can be the result of a doctor's illegible handwriting on a prescription pad. This may result in a patient getting the wrong medication or wrong dose. Errors could also occur if a doctor fails to get a patient's full medical history relating to drug interactions or allergic reactions. Finally, mistakes may happen because a patient doesn't understand how to take a medication or use a medical device properly.

If a person is given the wrong drug or given the wrong dose of the correct drug, it's possible to take legal action against the responsible medical professional. In some cases, a doctor and pharmacist are both liable for issues related to being given the incorrect medication. An attorney may review a case to determine if negligence took place. If it did, the victim could obtain compensation for lost wages and other related damages.


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