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Failure to diagnose a medical condition often results in the development of complications that may be life threatening or cause a patient to use medication for the rest of life. Failure to diagnose diabetes often causes serious complications such as diabetic coma that may also cause death. This article focuses on the causes and effects of failure to diagnose diabetes and the action to be taken if medical negligence is the cause of your suffering.

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As advances in technology have changed the way that people communicate and process information, so have they improved most health care procedures and treatments. Despite this, hospital patients in New York and across the country continue to suffer from medication errors at an increasing rate.

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As New York residents may know, pharmacists fill many prescriptions daily as well as performing other duties such as talking to individuals to instruct them on their medications. A recent study shows that pharmacists who fill too many prescriptions in a day have a greater risk of making mistakes. Pharmacists from two Texas hospitals authored the study that appeared in a pharmacy magazine, and included medication orders for over 1.9 million patients that were filled by 50 pharmacists. The study was over a period of one year and showed 92 prescription errors during the time the orders were verified. Out of every 100,000 verified orders, slightly less than five errors were found.

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