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People in long-term care facilities in New York and around the country can be at particular risk of harm due to medication errors and the improper prescription of antibiotics. In particular, when antibiotics are used improperly to treat urinary tract infections, patients can be put at elevated risk of harm, especially due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. These types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a major threat not only inside long-term care facilities but to overall public health.

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The vast majority of people who enter hospitals in New York will receive an infusion during treatment. The ECRI Institute, an independent nonprofit organization that promotes improvements in patient care, identified infusion errors as the top source of medical technology errors in 2017. Every year, 1.5 million adverse drug events afflict patients, and 54 percent of them arise from infusion errors.

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Mistakes at the hospital can be a frightening thought for patients seeking medical care in New York. When receiving treatment for a serious illness or injury, patients are at risk of even greater damage because of improper administration of medication or the use of incorrect dosages. The confusion that can happen during hospital transfers marks one occasion that can be particularly hazardous for patients.

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When mistakes involving medication or medical devices arise, it's important to make a record of the errors. This will help doctors and nurses better understand the side effects or limitations of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Medical professionals can also better ascertain the risks of using a medical device. When reporting an error, New York patients should be as detailed as possible.

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Medication errors can compromise the health of New York patients, worsening existing medical conditions and causing adverse reactions. According to the World Health Organization, medical errors can also increase resistance to antibiotics. Resistance to antimicrobials can take place when there are modifications in bacteria that make the medications intended as treatment ineffective. Antimicrobial resistance is an issue that is impacting the world. If the issue is not properly addressed, the era of modern medicine could come to an end.

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