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Prescription management can become quite complicated for a New York patient dealing with several medical conditions. However, a medication error can affect anyone, including someone taking just a single prescription. Although more medications require more careful monitoring for issues such as drug interactions, the manner in which a medication is labeled can also lead to confusion. The United States Food and Drug Administration is working on improving practices related to drug containers and labeling to head off some potential areas of error.

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When a person checks into a New York hospital, a friend or relative should go along to monitor medications and watch for mistakes. That is the advice from a representative from Leapfrog, a nonprofit organization that rates hospitals on safety. Medical errors, which include medication mistakes, have been identified as the third most common cause of death in the United States.

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New York patients should know that an estimated 7,000 people around the country die annually due to medication errors, and a total of about 1 million errors happen each year in U.S. hospitals. In one 2016 case, an 87-year-old woman was rushed to the emergency room due to a high fever, and her sister gave the ER doctor the woman's medical history and a list of the medications she was on including some that had been recently added for cognitive issues.

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Like anywhere else, America has its fair share of people who seek mental medical help. Thousands and thousands of people across the nation seek treatment each year.

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For years, intravenous medication errors ranked among the top medical mistakes at hospitals in New York and nationwide. Experts thought that the advent of the IV smart pump would eliminate the issue, but, according to a multihospital study, IV errors are still common.

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