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You rely on the nurses, doctors and pharmacists that handle your medical care to make the right choices. Depending on your age, background and health, you may already take one or more prescription medications, as well as supplements and herbal medicines. Most of the time, these drugs can be taken at the same time without any issue.

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A study completed in Missouri indicates that while RNs and LPNs are both often tasked with medication reconciliation, RNs appear to be better at handling this job. Medication reconciliation is when a medical professional goes over patient data about what medications have been prescribed. The goal is to find any errors that may lead to an adverse event for a patient.

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According to a study by John Hopkins Medicine researchers, medical errors should be number three on the list of causes of death in the United States.

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Being provided with the incorrect dosage of medication can severely affect an individual's health. New York residents may be interested to know that the electronic dosage technology used by many medical professionals could be causing health issues for some seniors.

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Adults that reside in New York nursing homes rely on health care providers for all of their basic needs. Given their living situation and health status, nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to medical errors including medication mistakes. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society analyzed the impact of medication errors on nursing home residents.

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