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The portion of the elderly population in New York that lives in long-term care facilities depends on caregivers to make effective medical decisions. A patient advocacy organization in a neighboring state has raised the alarm about the inappropriate use of antibiotics in nursing homes and the threat of antibiotic-resistant organisms.

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When New York residents are given a prescription, they expect the medication to help them get better and manage their health conditions. However, pharmacy errors do occur. These could have severe consequences, potentially resulting in a worsening medical condition, illness or even death.

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New York health care practitioners probably know that thousands of people around the country die each year as a result of side effects from drugs. To track this, the Food and Drug Administration collects data from those who have adverse reactions while taking medication they have been prescribed by a doctor. However, an analysis of the database created using these reports and experiences has been found to be full of errors.

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New York residents who have a loved one who receives medical care outside of a clinic may be interested to learn that serious medication errors have doubled within a 13-year period. According to a study, the most common mistakes were wrong medication errors and incorrect dosage.

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New York residents may be interested in a report indicating a considerable increase in serious medication errors outside of the hospital setting. The problem is especially serious for caregivers and children, and it is important for anyone taking or dispensing medication to keep in mind some guidelines to reducing the possibility of an error.

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