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bronx 110million lawsuitA Bronx woman was awarded $110 million in 2019 against her medical malpractice lawsuit against the St. Barnabas Hospital. Keimoneia Redish sued the hospital and several of its doctors for mishandling her asthma attack in Dec. 2010, according to the NY Daily News.

The 48-year-old grandmother was left hospitalized and confined to a nursing home for almost a year after the Hospital's doctors mishandled her asthma attack, triggering a severe brain injury. She ended up with speech and motor defects, leaving her crippled and suffering for life. 

The mother of five and grandmother of one received the jury's verdict in the Bronx Supreme Court. Her attorney said it was the largest malpractice case settled in the single-plaintiff lawsuit ever. 

In the lawsuit, Redish’s lawyer argued that the doctors had not even considered transferring the victim to a medical facility that specializes in treating swellings in the brain. The victim’s brain swelling and the consequent brain injury resulted from significant carbon dioxide build-up.

Medical Negligence Can Cause Irreparable Damages

Redish now mostly stays in a wheelchair and suffers from slurred speech, in addition to motor disabilities. She experiences difficulties in doing basic day-to-day activities and movements. Clarence Darden, a former chef and Redish’s partner of 26 years, is now her full-time caregiver. According to the victim’s lawyers, she returned home after 328 days of hospitalized or nursed care. 

Her representatives stated that the basis for the entire lawsuit against the hospital and the responsible doctors was their careless decision to continue her treatment in the same hospital. The technology necessary for her correct treatment, called ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), was only available at a few nearby hospitals and not in St. Barnabas.

The hospital even tried to blame Redish for her condition, but she successfully retaliated against the claims and suggestions that she had not done enough to enable her recovery. 

Medical Malpractice in NYC Hospitals

Medical malpractice is responsible for hundreds of deaths every year in NYC hospitals. Cases like that of Keimoneia Redish could have been prevented had the hospital provided an appropriate level of care and made a timely decision to shift her to a hospital that is equipped to handle such complications. It was gross negligence on behalf of the hospital staff that Redish became disabled and dependent for life.

Losing a loved one or experiencing health complications because of medical professionals' mistakes and malpractices entitles the victims to significant monetary compensation, which is why filing a medical negligence lawsuit against those responsible is so important. 

The Legal Aspect

Medical malpractice lawyers have the necessary experience, knowledge, and contacts to pursue medical negligence lawsuits and take them to their logical conclusion. 

Hiring an experienced medical malpractice attorney will increase your chance of winning your case. A good medical malpractice lawyer will first evaluate your case, assess the evidence, and then tell you if it makes sense to press charges.

Contact a medical negligence lawyer to determine if your or a loved one’s medical malpractice incident is viable for filing a lawsuit. 


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