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Your Doctor might Lose His License

Your Doctor might Lose His License

Even if your doctor loses and has to pay you compensation, he will not lose his license to practice medicine. He will continue with his practice, and hopefully he would have learned from the mistakes that he made with you.

Your Doctor Might Alter Your Medical Records

You could be afraid that your doctor might alter your medical records to win the case. However, this does not happen very often, even though there have been scattered instances. The reason why this does not occur that much is that if a doctor is found to have intentionally altered the patient’s medical records, then he or she will lose their license to practice medicine. The state department of health will crack down hard on any doctor who has intentionally altered a patient’s record just to win a case.

Your Doctor Might Apologize Profusely

Your doctor might say that it was all a mistake and apologize for it. This may be honorable and admirable; it does not alleviate the fact that you have suffered an injury at the hands of a physician whose duty is to care for you according to accepted standards of medical care. Taking that in stride, even though you like your doctor and he comes and sincerely apologizes to you, and tries to explain what when wrong, it will not turn back the clock. His apology is not going to get rid of your injuries, and it is not going to pay for the extra treatment you are going to require.

Your Friends and Family Might Think You are a Gold Digger

There are certain people who file lawsuits solely because they are interested in receiving a large amount of compensation and want to earn money. Therefore, many people might perceive that you are only in it for the money, which might include members of your own family and friends. However, most victims who approach lawyers are seeking compensation for their injuries, and most importantly seeking justice.

Based on this logic, whenever the opportunity arises, you should make it clear from the beginning to your acquaintances, friends, and family members that you are filing the lawsuit to seek justice and to attain adequate compensation for your injuries to move on in life. You can explain the nature of your injuries and that they are significant. Your explanation might change people’s outlook about you, but you cannot expect to change everyone’s perception. However, that does not mean you should not continue to sue the negligent doctor or hospital.

If your family or friends do not “get it” you can show them your hospital bill and inform them of your future medical costs because of the condition are you in and if they still do not “get it” – stop associating with them and ignore what they have to say.

Your Injuries are not that Disabling

If your injuries are not that disabling, then your attorney will most likely not accept your case since he has to show to the jury that your injuries are significant or permanent to merit compensation. However, it is not up to you to decide, and you need to have your injuries checked by a medical expert. Sometimes the injury might seem minor in the beginning but it could develop into major health issue in the near future.