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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

You might have come across many lawyer advertisements that proclaim that the attorney cares about what has happened to the victim. Well, the question is do attorneys really care, or is this just another advertising strategy?

The marketing message of lawyers usually says we care, we fight for your rights, and that is why you should hire us. Such a marketing message will generally attract victims to hire that lawyer or be drawn into that message because they are looking for someone to take up their cause and fight for them. These types of advertisements are on TV, radio, newspapers, and in magazines, and the central theme will be that the lawyer cares.

Every Legal Representative Claims the Same Thing

Well have you ever come across an ad of a law firm that says that they do not care? If you are looking for an attorney to help represent you in a car accident case, or in a medical malpractice case, or a wrongful death case, does not every attorney you go to care?

Do not the attorneys care about you as a client, and what is going to happen to your particular case if it goes south? How do attorneys distinguish themselves by stating that they care? If every attorney is conveying the same message, how do you know which attorney is right for you?

The same thing is with the phrase, “we fight for your rights” or ” we handle only serious cases because we are serious attorneys”. Well, that is salient, but is not every attorney is a serious lawyer, is not every attorney is looking to handle a serious case. Hence, how does that attorney distinguish him or herself, from all the other attorneys who are employing the same marketing tactics? The answer is that they cannot. The reality is that so many attorneys copy what other attorneys do to market themselves.

Or they use the same marketing company and perhaps law firms are a little hesitant to do something different.

Does the Lawyer Educate You

Therefore, there is no way for you to make an educated decision about which attorney is right for you based on ads or slogans like “We really care” or “We are going to fight hard for you”. Rather than focusing on ads, you should look to see which attorney educates you, which attorney provides you free information such as tremendous and helpful reports, free books, and free videos. Such an attorney will teach you about how the legal process works in New York. Only then, can you make an educated decision before you even pick up the phone to call a law firm.

Once you receive critical information and learn about how cases work, then you need to go and speak to the attorney to make sure he is the right fit for you.

Basing your decision on a slogan or fancy ad will not get you anywhere because every lawyer makes the same bold statements and you are not sure how genuine this attorney is. Every lawyer will say that he cares for what has happened to the victim(s), and he is ready to fight hard and not stop fighting until justice is delivered. Therefore, rather than putting too much faith into those ads, base your decision on whether the lawyer is trying to educate you about the legal system, your case, and your prospects.