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What is Cancer?

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by a change in the cells in the body. When regular cells multiply in an uncontrollable manner causing lumps or tumors to form, it gives birth to cancer. Tumors need immediate and comprehensive treatment at its early stage. If not treated properly, any of the following complications can arise:

Cancers such as leukemia do not cause the formation of tumors. Instead, they form cancer of the blood or bone marrow, which is usually characterized by an abnormally high rate of increase in blood cells – commonly white blood cells or leukocytes. There are over 200 different varieties of cancer, depending on the type of body cells affected.

Almost all types of cancer can be detected by undertaking appropriate research and investigations, but screening and detection of cancer is a difficult and vast process which needs careful attention and timely action. If not diagnosed at an early and reversible stage, cancer can become uncontrollable, leading to a painful and life threatening situation for the patient.

Impact of delay in diagnosis

Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating for the patient as well as his family. A delay in diagnosis may make it even more distressing for them, especially if the cancer has reached an advanced and invasive stage by then. The medical practitioner is responsible to ensure that this diagnosis is done without any delay, and the patient is shown the best way forward towards recovery and treatment.

Any delay in diagnosis of cancer may impact the life expectancy, treatment alternatives as well as basic living for the patient. When there is a delay in diagnosis or a misdiagnosis from the physician, it becomes a case of medical malpractice due to delay in diagnosis.

Factors leading to delayed diagnosis of cancer

There are several factors that can impact the diagnosis of cancer.

§ Misinterpretation of medical test results

§ Incorrectly performed medical procedures

§ Technological malfunction

§ Misread X-rays

§ Misplaced or swapped test results from labs

§ Failure to recognize a tumor

§ Failure to conduct diagnostic tests when required

§ Failure to refer the patient to the appropriate physician, hospital or course of treatment

The New York City medical malpractice attorneys have vast experience in dealing cases of medical negligence by delay to diagnose different cancers that include:

· Brain tumor

· Bone cancer

· Liver cancer

· Lung cancer

· Oral or mouth cancer

· Testicular cancer

· Breast cancer

· Bowel or colorectal cancer

· Spinal tumors

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