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Bowel obstruction

Bowel obstruction

The digestive tract performs various complex functions in the human body, from breaking down nutrients in food to evacuating waste. Any disorder, small or big to this system can cause serious inflammatory conditions in the bowel. There are various diseases that can involve a bowel obstruction:

An obstruction to the bowel may take place in the small intestine as a functional blockage, or in the intestinal tract as a mechanical blockage. Close care and immediate treatment are crucial for a bowel obstruction, as any delay in administering the appropriate medical attention could turn out to be life-threatening for the patient.

Symptoms shown by bowel obstruction

A thorough diagnosis of bowel obstruction (mechanical) can be done based on various factors and symptoms, such as:

Paralytic obstruction may also occur in the small bowel, which is accompanied by the above symptoms, additional to vomiting after meals. When any of these symptoms (or combinations) are presented by you to your physician, he is required to perform accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best way forward regarding treatment and medical attention for the patient.

A failure to diagnose bowel obstruction could turn out to be a catastrophic condition for the patient, as he could lose his life or suffer severe medical repercussions throughout life.

Diagnosing Bowel Perforations

Injuries and wounds caused during an accident, or sutures from a surgery or any blunt trauma may lead to a perforation. When an obstruction or inflammation is left untreated, the intestinal walls overstretch, causing them to rupture. These cracks and breaks can be dangerous as they allow the flow of human waste from the digestive tract to mix with blood. Infections and sepsis caused by this mix up can be disastrous for the patient’s life.

During an attempt to attack the infection, further inflammation, and obstruction to blood flow may happen. In such a case, the sepsis can lead to amputation of limbs or send the body into a state of shock. It is common to miss the symptoms of a bowel obstruction, and is yet critical to pay close attention and diagnose properly, in order to prevent further damage.

Perforations from malpractice

Inflammatory bowel disease is a not-so-common condition, and may therefore be missed during lab tests as the symptoms may be the same as that of any common infection in the body. Medical malpractice that may lead to blockage or a perforation can involve:

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