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Melanie Liverpool-Turner was a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic, yet the doctors and nurses at Bellevue Hospital failed to recognize that she posed a significant danger to the public and their safety. In fact, she had even openly revealed that she often thought of pushing people in front of trains and ranted about killing transit riders while she was on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the hospital – proving that her release was due to a clear case of hospital negligence.

Evidence shows that Bellevue Hospital was negligent, as they failed to recognize the danger that Liverpool-Turner posed to the public and carelessly released her without conducting a full psychological examination and following this up with treatment.

Liverpool-Turner has since been charged with second-degree murder and is currently staying in a state-run mental health facility while she awaits trial. The husband of the woman she killed is now suing Bellevue Hospital for gross hospital negligence, and the case is pending.

Legal Matters

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital for hospital negligence is no easy feat, as you will need to prove that the level of care provided to you or someone you know was below a reasonable standard expected from the healthcare profession and quality of care. Additionally, hospital negligence medical malpractice lawsuits are more complex due to the fact that you are not simply suing a single doctor or healthcare professional; oftentimes you are suing hospital administration in addition to multiple members of staff.

As your medical malpractice lawyer will explain, you will need to prove that improper conduct on the part of hospital employees and/or hospital administration occurred in order for your case to be viable.

There is a complex body of rules that regulate medical malpractice law and its related statute of limitations, and these differ between states. Thus, you will need to follow the processes and procedures specific to your state while you prove that hospital negligence and misconduct led to the injury or death that you are bringing to court. Further, you will be unable to receive any form of damages unless this proof can be provided, so it is best to consult with an NYC medical malpractice attorney if you live in NYC and expect that you, or someone you know, has been a victim of hospital negligence.  


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