Bus accidents can paralyze a normal life

Bus accidents can have a disastrous effect on your life. It can hurt your earning capacity, and rob your family of peace and happiness. Sometimes the top earning member of the family could be killed in an accident which will cause a massive disruption to that family’s finances.

There are numerous private and commuter buses that exist in New York City. The New York City Transit Authority buses carry around 2 million passengers daily. These buses:

  • Need to stick to time schedules
  • Must carry passengers safely
  • Must ensure road, motorist, public property, and pedestrian safety

In spite of all safety measures in place, accidents happen. Motorists, pedestrians or passengers are injured or sometimes killed.

Claim notification

In case of accidents involving buses operating under the New York City Transit Authority, the victims need to inform the NYCTA authorities within 90 days from the date & time of accident. The NYCTA does not easily settle claims and your attorney must be focused and experienced enough to fight this organization to ensure you are suitable financially rewarded in the end.

Attorneys care for you

When it comes to litigating bus accidents, the attorneys investigate the case by:

  • Collaborating with accident scene reconstruction experts
  • Talking to witnesses, exploring their statements
  • Checking the police documents
  • Checking the driving records and vehicle maintenance reports to establish the facts that could have possibly contributed to the accident
  • Negligence on part of the authority - drivers forced to maintain demanding time schedules. Attorneys also explore to find if fatigue has contributed to the accident due to rigorous and unrealistic rules.
  • Failure to sensitize and train drivers can also play a major role in road accidents.
  • Lapse in bus maintenance schedules must be also be explored to find it mechanical failures could have caused the accident
  • Negligence on part of the bus drivers - attorneys will investigate and establish facts relating reckless driving, speeding, failure to follow road safety rules, not yielding to pedestrians the right of way especially at crossroads, failure to check the condition of the bus regularly, and drug/alcohol habits
  • Find out if more than one third party is involved in the accident

The impact can be serious

When buses collide, the passengers in both buses bear the brunt due to the impact of the collision and speed at which the collision takes place. When the bus hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian is injured seriously or sometimes killed. Passengers also suffer injuries inside or outside the bus depending upon the situation. For instance, when the bus driver stops the bus suddenly to counter road/traffic conditions, the passengers may:

  • Be ejected from their seats
  • Bump into neighboring passengers
  • Suffer whiplash
  • Hit solid objects such as seats, windows, glass panes inside the bus

A leading NYC law firm

If you or your loved one suffers such injuries in a bus accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for injuries and reparation of losses due to this apparent negligence. Remarkable New York City bus accident attorneys can fight on your behalf while you are trying to deal with your employer and your health insurance situation. This is where Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff (RMFW) come into the picture. They can be reached right here: 212-344-1000.

If they deem your case as acceptable – you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands. RMFW is paid when you agree on the final compensation amount. You will be kept inform every step of the way.


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