Multiple fatalities reported after recent bus accident

posted in Bus Accidents on Monday, March 18, 2013.

People in New York City usually hop on buses assuming that they will have a peaceful and uneventful ride. However, a bus accident can not only delay an individual’s commute. It can also leave them with serious injuries.

A recent bus accident in a nearby state caused multiple fatalities. Authorities are trying to determine what caused the tragic accident.

The bus was carrying the women’s lacrosse team from Seton Hall University, a school near Pittsburgh. Twenty-three people were on board the bus as the team was heading to a game. The bus reportedly left the roadway and crashed into a tree.

The driver of the bus was killed in the accident as well as the team’s head coach. The 30-year-old coach was six months pregnant. Tragically, her unborn child was also killed in the accident. Two other people were flown to a hospital in the area. No other serious injuries were reported.

Although it is unclear what caused the bus to veer off the road, in these kinds of accidents authorities often look at driver behavior to determine the cause of a crash. The driver could have been traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the accident or traveling too close to other vehicles on the road.

Authorities may also look at the condition of the bus as well as procedures in place by the bus company to ensure they have safe drivers. In this instance, reports indicate that the bus and its driver were up-to-date on inspections. If a bus company failed to properly maintain a bus, victims may be able to hold the company responsible for their injuries.

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