Mini School Bus With Kids Onboard Kills Pedestrian in Queens

When an accident occurs involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian often faces serious harm or is killed in the collision because the pedestrian does not have protection from the force or impact. If a driver is at fault for causing a pedestrian accident to happen, it is important for the victim or for surviving family members to work with New York City pedestrian accident lawyers to pursue a claim for compensation. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are far too common. In fact, NBC New York reported recently on a tragic accident in which a pedestrian was killed by a mini school bus. The devastating fatal accident was made worse by the fact that there were children inside of the mini bus who were put at risk and who observed the entire tragedy firsthand.

Pedestrian Killed by Minibus in Tragic Accident

According to NBC New York,  the recent devastating pedestrian accident occurred early on a Tuesday morning. There were several children aboard the mini school bus at the time of the incident. The bus was traveling along Kew Gardens Road in Queens at 6:45 AM when the bus made a turn onto 92nd Avenue and struck a 58-year-old pedestrian. There was a school bus matron on board the bus at the time of the incident, as well as the children and the driver. The incident occurred while snow was falling from a nor’easter storm, which was the third storm to hit the area in a 10 day period of time. It was not immediately clear whether or not the weather conditions played a role in causing the accident to occur. According to NBC New York, the cause of the pedestrian accident was still under investigation. None of the children who were aboard the mini bus at the time of the incident sustained any injuries. However, they observed the fatal accident in which the woman was killed and the children had to remain in the vehicle while the police responded to the scene and covered up the body of the victim. The victim was lying directly next to the driver’s door on the bus, and the body of the victim was in full view of the children as they waited for police to come to the crash scene. Many of the children were sobbing, and video from the incident shows police tape around the bus. Video from the incident also depicts the troubling scene where the incident took place as police officers from the NYPD eventually unloaded children from the back of the vehicle. If the investigation determines that the bus driver engaged in unsafe or negligent behavior that caused the accident and resulting death of the pedestrian, the family of the pedestrian can take legal action. If the driver worked for a public school district and was considered to be acting as an agent of the government at the time of the incident, pursuing a case can become more complicated. New York city pedestrian accident lawyers can provide the necessary assistance to take action in any circumstances where a bus accident or a pedestrian accident occurs.