How to Prevent Bus Accidents

According to the American School Bus Council, 25 million children are carried by about 480,000 school buses every year. This means that the school bus industry is the largest form of mass transit in the country. While school buses offer students a safe, eco-friendly and valuable service to communities across the US, they are also involved in a great number of accidents each year. Bus accidents can be prevented with a few safety tips.

Tips to Prevent Bus Accidents

Here is a look at important safety tips to help in preventing bus accidents:

  • Proper screening process when hiring drivers: In every state, bus drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license, clear drug screening and clean driving and personal record. Drivers should be properly screened before they are hired. Background checks, etc. should be conducted to ensure that the school bus driver has no criminal record and is a careful, reliable driver. Candidates with a friendly personality, good communication skills and strong people skills are likely to earn the respect and attention of the students they carry and will be able to maintain safety standards on their bus.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy for irresponsible or careless driving: The school district should set the standard for the bus system and have a disciplinary policy against negligent or irresponsible drivers. If a driver is found liable for an insurance claim or irresponsible driving, it is vital to follow through on pre-established guidelines for drivers. Based on an offense’s frequency or severity, a driver could be suspended for one day, or fully terminated from their position.
  • Maintenance and upkeep should be a priority: While the driver is given safety responsibilities, the district is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of vehicles. It should adhere to the regulations in the state for proactive vehicle repair. Bus drivers must inspect their vehicles every day and make sure that the fleet of the district is given mechanical attention at least monthly. Districts with reduced transportation budgets should especially be careful with their fleet of school buses and make sure that they are maintained and serviced regularly.
  • Training students: Apart from bus drivers, students should also be trained on how to ensure safety on the bus. They should be encouraged to inform authorities, like administrators or educators, if they notice unsafe activity in the school bus. Educating students about the importance of bus safety is key to ensuring that preventable accidents do not occur.

We Know School Bus Accidents

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