Bus traveling from New York City to Ohio rear-ends truck

Many people prefer traveling by bus. For some it is to save money on gas, while for others it just easier than flying. However, regardless of why someone chooses to go the route of bus travel, the fact is there are many New York City residents who hop on a bus to get to their vacation destinations.

Often times these buses travel overnight. However, these bus drivers are supposed to be well-trained and used to driving during the night hours, so in theory there should not be any problems.

Recently though, there was an accident that left one woman dead and dozens more injured when a Greyhound bus crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer. This bus was traveling from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio. The accident happened in Pennsylvania on Interstate 80.

According to authorities, there were 50 people aboard the bus, when around 1:30 a.m. the Greyhound bus rear-ended the back of a flatbed trailer that was hauling garbage.

The 36-year-old who was driving the truck said his rig was just hit from behind, but he refused to go into further detail with The Daily Item. Rather, he said the company he works for was cooperating with authorities and would be conducting their own internal investigation.

In terms of the Greyhound driver and what happened, not much has been reported, except for the fact that the bus driver has been working for the company for more than 12 years.

Of the 50 passengers on board the Greyhound bus, 45 — including the bus driver — were taken to hospitals after the crash. Of those, four were critically injured.

Depending on what caused the crash, those who were injured — along with the family of the woman killed — may be able to file a lawsuit against whichever party is found to have been negligent.

Source: NBC New York, “1 Dead, Dozens Hurt When Bus from NYC Collides With Truck in Pennsylvania,” Ron Todt, Oct. 9, 2013