A recent case of a collision between a truck and a New York City transit bus is an example of how these larger vehicles generate their own particular risks for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Buses, trucks and other outsized vehicles can cause severe and grievous damage when they go out of control on busy roads.

News venues including ABC affiliates reported February 12 on the collision that happened in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan. Numerous injuries, and one tragic fatality, resulted. Details show that the collision sent vehicles up onto a sidewalk, where they eventually crashed into scaffolding. These types of accidents represent various categories of risk and the potential for injury and death.

Looking Carefully at Personal Injury and Traffic Accident Cases

When looking at a complicated traffic accident situation, there are many factors to consider. New York City bus accident attorneys and other legal professionals must look at police reports to determine the facts around vehicle operators, public road conditions, and other aspects of the case. Where secondary risks may have contributed to injury, legal representation also has to look at these risk conditions.

New York City Bus Accident Attorneys: Helping New York City Residents

Personal injury attorneys also have to approach a case with knowledge of local law and local realities. Although some types of personal injury cases like large vehicle collisions may seem straightforward, there are often particular details that need to be completed in order to bring a personal injury or wrongful death case. For instance, one major thing that legal professionals counsel personal injury victims on is the need to get quick and unbiased medical documentation of injuries. Without these kinds of dedicated responses to an accident, it may be harder to advance the interests of a plaintiff’s personal injury claim. Other kinds of particular New York City rules and laws also apply. Those who have been unfortunately involved in a large vehicle collision or other traffic accident benefit greatly from having qualified legal representation on their side. Legal teams work to get the kinds of details that may make all of the difference in court, and use specific experience with these kinds of cases to get a just and equitable result. Without this kind of qualified assistance, it can be difficult to get a settlement from a defendant or a payout from an insurer to cover all of what a personal injury victim has to deal with after an accident.

New York City Legal Assistance From a Personal Injury Law Firm

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of a bus or truck crash, large vehicle accident, traffic collision or any other kind of personal injury situation, talk to the New York City bus accident attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We have helped many New York City residents to advance their interests in court and collect deserved compensation for injuries. We will work with you every step of the way to help cover costs of care and more.


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