$20 million settlement for bus accident woman in New York

Buses transport high quantities of people each and every day. As a result, bus drivers have a responsibility to enlist measurable safety standards in order to protect passengers. Should a bus accident occur, and a pedestrian be involved, the incident has the potential to create devastating consequences. A woman in New York City has won her case against the MTA, after a horrific bus accident left her seriously injured.

The 59-year-old woman from Queens was hit by a bus while in Long Island City over two years ago. She received severe injuries as a result of the collision. The woman was left blind in one eye, and also suffered the loss of an arm and a leg.

Court records state that the woman testified that she was using a crosswalk at the time of the accident, and had waited for the ‘walk’ signal before heading out into the road. She was awarded a $20 million settlement by a jury in New York City, in part to cover her medical costs. Lawyers for the MTA claimed that the bus was already in the crosswalk area when the woman walked out in front of it. The MTA have said that they intend to appeal the decision.

People who are injured in bus accidents may find it difficult to cope afterward, because the injuries they may sustain from such a forceful impact are most often catastrophic. Injuries like these can result in costly medical bills, and lost wages while during recovery. A personal injury attorney may be able to guide victims through the compensation process, and help them to obtain justice in the wake of senselessness.

Source: The Times Union, “MTA found liable for NYC bus accident,” Aug. 19, 2011