Snow Impedes Visibility

Many of us tend to think of this year’s hard winter as a challenge in extremely urban areas like downtown New York City, but it also has its effects out in other more rural areas of the state. Reporting from February from local broadcast affiliate WENY shows snowfall and other factors impacting the community of Elmira, New York, just above the Pennsylvania state line and not too far from the Great Lakes area, south of Rochester and Syracuse. Some of the challenges reported in Elmira are emblematic of what happened in a lot of communities around the state. Locals reported on snow piles in parking lots impacting visibility, and large piles of snow lowering sight distances on busy streets. Signage can also be covered up, and intersections can become a lot more hazardous, in these kinds of situations. Drivers can find it harder to watch out for pedestrians or cyclists. The unprecedented obstacles that snow piles present can be dangerous.

Public Works and Public Responsibility

Elmira officials quoted in the WENY coverage talked about the challenges of keeping snow plowed and figuring out where to put it. As discussed in this article, there’s a balance between getting snow off of roadways and putting it in places where it won’t impact visibility for drivers. Then there’s the responsibility of local businesses and households to remove snow and ice from their local areas.

Winter and Personal Injury Cases

There are a whole range of personal injury cases that mostly happen around winter storms. Snow and ice slip and fall accidents, and some kinds of traffic accidents, are endemic when winter storms hit and communities aren’t fully prepared. New York City traumatic brain injury attorneys or others who counsel accident victims understand how instances of personal injury skyrocket after these kinds of storms. They also understand when parties have responsibility to provide safety procedures such as using salt, cinders or snow melt on public walkways or other areas.

Going Forward With a Personal Injury Case

For someone who has been injured after a winter storm, or in other kinds of accidents, it’s critical to have called find legal representation on. Professional New York City traumatic brain injury attorneys help their clients to work through all the challenges of building a personal injury case. For instance, New York state or local laws can have an impact on the success of plaintiffs bringing these kinds of cases in local courts. Some limitations or restrictions can apply, including timelines for medical documentation and filing a lawsuit. That’s why personal injury victims benefit from consulting qualified personal injury lawyers as early in the process as possible.

Getting Legal Help in New York

New York residents who have been injured in winter storm accidents can seek qualified legal assistance from the New York City traumatic brain injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We have experience helping New York residents to collect compensation for the costs of care and recovery. We will keep you informed about your case every step of the way, and are dedicated to helping you to get an equitable result to protect your family’s financial future.