High school football players at risk of suffering brain injuries

A new report shows that the number of high school football players who suffer serious brain injuries is on the rise. In fact, since the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research began collecting information on the number of serious brain injuries in 1984, the numbers have reached their highest levels.

Whether you live in New York City or elsewhere, a brain injury is very serious. Some say the reason more high school football players are suffering head injuries is the way they are playing. In 1976, head-first tackles and blocks were banned. However, it now appears many players are not protecting their heads while they are playing.

Studies have shown that head injuries and concussions early in life can make people more susceptible to develop symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease. And it appears that kids are at an even greater disadvantage. Studies indicate that kids take longer to recover from head injuries than teenagers and adults.

Some say that sports officials and coaches could be doing more to protect football players from serious head injuries by penalizing players for head-first tackles and teaching them to use shoulder blocks and tackles.

When someone suffers a serious head injury, the consequences can be devastating. A person’s mood and personality may be affected. Even simple everyday tasks can be hard to complete. In some cases a head injury can cause seizures, coma and even death.

Those who have suffered serious head injuries because of another person’s negligence may be entitled to compensation. When people are reckless and cause harm to other people they should be held responsible.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “‘Catastrophic Brain Injuries Rise Among High School Football Players,” Mark Long, April 19, 2012