Family awarded $4.4 million after football player suffered serious brain injury

Whether in New York City or elsewhere, the consequences of suffering a major brain injury can be catastrophic. A person’s mood and personality may be affected. They may have difficulty performing basic tasks. There are times when people even die as a result of a traumatic brain injury. One family in particular knows just how devastating a head injury can be after a football accident left their son confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak.

The young man was a senior in high school when the accident happened. According to an assistant student trainer, he complained to the school’s trainer about having headaches. He even asked his coach to sit out during part of a game because his head was hurting.

However, his coach ignored the warning signs and forced the young man to play. After the first half of the football game, the young man collapsed on the sidelines. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors removed a portion of his skull. However, the bleeding in his brain left him with serious damage.

The young man’s family filed a lawsuit against the school district and recently was awarded $4.4 million.

Brain injuries have been receiving more attention in recent months. Since August, 20 lawsuits have been brought against the NFL by players who say they suffered head injuries that continue to affect them.

Brain injuries are very serious. In many cases, a person will require long-term care after they have suffered a traumatic brain injury. However, as evidenced by this most recent lawsuit, victims may be entitled to compensation if the brain injury was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Source: MSNBC, “San Diego-area school district to pay $4.4 million for football head injury,” Mar. 10, 2012