Drunk driving accident left man with traumatic brain injury

After being married for 27 years, one woman lost the man she once knew when a drunk driver struck her 47-year-old husband. The man survived the accident, but suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for three weeks and in the hospital for two months.

In addition to problems with speech, loss of smell and taste, the accident left the man extremely emotional. He would often cry uncontrollably multiple times each week.

Although doctors assumed that the man was depressed, they also discovered he suffered from a condition known as pseudobulbar affect. The condition is often a symptom of a traumatic brain injury and can make people laugh or cry uncontrollably.

Fortunately, the man’s doctor prescribed him a new drug designed specifically to treat pseudobulbar affect, and the results were fantastic. The man says he finally has control over his emotions. His crying spells now only occur a couple times each month.

Although the man in this case appears to be doing better, the brain injury he suffered changed his entire life. Once a manager for the New York City government, he is no longer able to work. His family also had to adjust to the man he has become.

Brain injuries can drastically affect a person’s life. It can change a person’s personality and their ability to complete normal tasks. People may suffer seizures or be left in a coma or even die.

Although the drunk driver who hit the man in this specific case likely faced criminal charges, the family may also wish to pursue compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages. When someone else’s reckless actions causes harm to another person they should be held responsible in every aspect of the law.

Source: The Washington Post, “Medical mysteries: Was crying caused by man’s severe depression?” Sandra G. Boodman, Feb. 20, 2012